How to join files using Hj Split

How to join files using hj split? As we surf on internet, we come across some files which are split into parts and have etensions as .001 .002 .003 and so on. Now one may be confused about extracting these files as one part. I will explain it to you by following an example.

  • Here we have a file split into two parts:



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  • Click on “join” button.


  • Then a new window will pop-up
  • Click on “input File”



  • A new window will pop out
  • Navigate to the folder in which files are placed and select “.001” file


  • After clicking on open, it will look like this:


  • As u click start, it will start merging the files
  • It will look like this:


  • After the working is complete, it will show the complete box


  • Now just click on “OK”
  • This is it 🙂 How simple is that!


I hope you found this tutorial useful and recommend it to others. We would love your feedback in comments below.


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