How to install firmware in Samsung devices using PC Odin


Odin is a tool used to install software on samsung android devices (flashing ROMs). The software being installed on device is called a ROM. Odin compatible  ROMs come with .tar extension. Mostly stock ROMs (manufactured by Samsung) are in .tar format. So you are most likely to flash stock ROMs with this tool. It is also used to flash custom kernels. Developer provide them them in .tar extension e.g. cf-autoroot.

Terms used in Odin:

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  1. PDA is referred to the build version of software or firmware
  2. Phone is reffered to baseband or modem version
  3. CSC includes custom apps and settings provided by a carrier. It has nothing to do with keyboard or language
  4. .PIT is for partition. It’s used only if you screw up. This option is used very rarely


If the device contains only .tar file then all packages are included in it. If seprate files are present, then you need to add them to their respective boxes.

Using Odin:

  • Download the firmware for your device
  • Reboot you device into Download Mode

What is Download Mode:

It is used to manually install firmware/ROM on the device. To get into download mode, turn off your device, wait for 5 seconds and then, press and hold home button, (-)volume key and power simultaneously.


  • Once in download mode, select continue by pressing (+)volume button and ignore the warning.


  • Start odin and it should look like this.


  • Select following options:


  • You do not need a .PIT file to flash a ROM. IT is only needed if you messed up phone’s partition table.
  • If only .tar file is included, it will look like this:


  • IF THE ROM is split into parts, it will look like this:


  • Do not tick anything except mentioned above.
  • Now connect you device in download mode via USB cable to PC and ID:COM box colour will turn blue or any other colour and will show”added” message in box below.


  • Now just click on “Start”
  • Sit back and relax and you ROM will be flashed in a few minutes
  • The device will turn on itself


  1. Always check USB drivers first
  2. Always use correct version of Odin compatible with your device
  3. Use a standar USB cable
  4. Your device must be charged over 80%
  5. Select files carefully
  6. Select firmware for your device carefully


  1. Do not unplug device until flashing is complete
  2. Do not turn off PC while flashing


    I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments below. 🙂

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