Mobile Companies might use Long-Range Wireless Charging in Future Devices

It is true that we all want to use our smartphones and tablets to have infinite battery lives. Sadly, at present it is not achieved. Companies try their best to maximise battery life of their devices as much as possible. However, at the end of the  day, or in some cases in the mid of the day, we have to plug in our device for charging. Now, no one wants to quit chatting or playing games so they want to use their smartphones while it is being charged. The problem is that cords are not long enough in most cases to provide comfortable usage. One is bound a couch for 2 to 3 hours at least. That is why we have always fancied to charge our phones without having the need to use cords. The first step towards cordless charging was taken by Nokia in Lumia 920 in 2012. Well it did no have a wire but still it had to be placed on charging pad. It is not truly wireless but it provided the initiative we all had been waiting for.


Since Nokia introduced wireless charging in Lumia 920, Google inc. and Samsung have also been working on a somewhat similar technology. However, as we all know, Korean company is always one step ahead of others. They are working on a technology called Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging Technology. This technology is designed to make people’s lives much easier by allowing wireless charging over long distances. This technology will eliminate the need of cords and charging pads – used by nokia for charging. This technology is believed to be revolutionary as we all have fancied for it since we started using smartphones. With this technology, smartphones can be powered even through solid objects. This means even if your charges is plugged in bedroom, you can use your phone anywhere in house, depending on its range ofcourse.

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This technology is believed to be unveiled in mid of 2014. There is a little chance that upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 may have this technology. Soon Galaxy Round was unboxed. People as asking if it has same specs as Galaxy note 3 then why should they buy it, even when Galaxy Note 3 is cheaper. It is possible that wireless technology might be introduced in Galaxy Round. In future, it is believed that that this technology will be incorporated in other devices like fridges, air conditioners and televisions.Samsung is developing this technology in collaboration with a  New Zealand-based company PowerbyProx.

Sony has also been working on a wireless charging technology in collaboration with a company named Rohm. It is suggested that this technology will reduce charging times to half of their present time. Sony might include this technology in all of its devices unveiled in 2014.


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