64-bit Exynos SoC rumored to power Galaxy S5

There is a lot of news coming from South Korea that Samsung has completed the development of 64-bit chip and the company is ready to implement this newer system in Samsung Galaxy S5. The rivalry between Apple and Samsung has led to the creation of this 64-bit chip for Galaxy S5. Samsung announced the development of this chip soon after Apple launched its iPhone 5S featuring the 64-bit processor technology.

Although Apple is the first mobile phone company that commercialized the 64-bit processor technology on mobile phones, but Android platform had the architecture for this technology long before Apple had. Linux operating system had this functionality for quite a time and most of the Samsung mobiles are based on Linux based operating systems. The only thing Samsung was lacking was a hardware which was compatible with the already made software. So now Samsung is developing the appropriate hardware to adopt 64-bit support- as this framework is already present inside the code of Android technology.


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When will this smart phone be released? Well, there are a lot of rumor regarding this too. Current rumors say that Samsung could complete this phone and release it as soon as this February. However, the Korean manufacturers have scheduled the Galaxy S series new release somewhere between April and May. Maybe it’s still too early to say with absolute certainty that when will this phone be released.

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  1. Did he really say North Korea? I read the article a few days ago and didn’t even see that! Too funny! I saw a picture of Kim Jong Un using what appeared to be an S3 or S4. Maybe a NK copy?

      1. We all make mistakes! I figured he corrected it. I do that a lot while coding and then I go back and say WTF was I thinking? That’s why my GS4 goes to “Don’t F*#K with Me Mode” while coding…Unless it’s the girlfriend(she’s in the Okay list)

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