Apple is working on two large screen iPhone models

Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note, phablets have become everyone’s first choice. Samsung biggest rival, Apple, is quite strict about its conventions and likes to keep the size of iPhones such that it can be easily handled by one hand. However, people seem to like bigger screens much more than one-hand usage comfort. It is obvious because games are more enjoyable on bigger screens and watching your favorite TV Serials is quite fun.

Apple finally moved ahead with a 4″ display with iPhone 5 launch. For iPhone users, it might be a big upgrade from tiny 3.5″ screens in previous models but it wasn’t still enough for Android lovers. There is no doubt about it that iPhone is an amazing device. It provides a lag-free experience which is the main selling point of iPhone. However, small screens are out of fashion now!

There has been a fresh report from Bloomberg which is a quite authentic source that Apple is now working on a duo of large screen iPhone models. In past, this source has proved to be very authentic so we can say it might really become true in upcoming year.

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There is also a report that iPhone devices releasing next year will support a display which will curved downwards at edges. Now this looks quite interesting! It looks like finally Apple has realized that it can no longer go on with its tiny smartphones. The upcoming duo is expected to support 4.7″ and 5.5″ display sizes.

With Samsung Next Big Thing – Galaxy Note 3 currently dominating the market, will iPhone be able to beat its rival at its own game! Well it’s not clear yet as iPhone is actually known for its easy-to-handle size – this is what makes it different from other smartphone out there in market. However, we think this is a big step and if it happens, it will definitely attract more customers than ever before.

However, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are launched recently so news like this seems to be quite untrue. Well guys, what do you think about this? Is this a wise decision or Apple has accepted its defeat against Android?

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