HTC M8 Rumours Specs Release Date And Features

After the Huge Success of HTC one, We are looking forward to the successor of HTC one, that is alleged to be named as HTC M8 , After manufacturing a master piece, that was brilliant in hardware, working and looks , HTC harvested the name quite well by introducing two other versions of their flagship, One that was a bit smaller named as HTC mini And the Other One was of the size of phablet named as HTC one Max

First it was Nexus 5 whose rumours were spreading around and after its release, HTC M8 Rumours Specs Release Date are on the everyones mind as we expecting this smartphone quite soon.

HTC M8 Rumours Specs Release Date

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We have seen few leaked images which are being alleged of HTC M8 on the Internet, which may have given us our first look at HTC’s rumoured 2014 flagship smartphone, the M8. The leaked images show blue tone images of HTC’s alleged M8 smartphone which appears to be very identical to the HTC One. The leaked image further suggests that the alleged HTC M8 might sport a fully enclosed metal body including the sides, as seen in the HTC One series smartphones.

HTC M8 Rumours Specs Release Date

The alleged HTC M8’s rear panel is also seen with Beats audio logo at the bottom, suggesting that the device might still come with Beats audio feature.

HTC one was codenamed as HTC M7 , Before its name was officially unveiled by the company , there are no details yet to confirm that the next HTC smartphone, will be named as HTC M8, these are just speculations.

HTC M8 Rumours Specs Release Date

A Chinese site has also released out some rumours about the upcoming device of HTC, which are as follows:

  • Snapdragon 800 quad-core chipset
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Between 5 and 5.2-inch display

It’s all a rumor, though, so we will be doing a lot of guesswork until early 2014, when this thing is scheduled to be unveiled.


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