iPhone 6 may feature a Solar Charging Sapphire Glass screen

A week back it was reported that Apple has started production of iPhones with display screen of Sapphire glass display.

However, according to Seeking Alpha analyst, Apple may have even more ambitious plans with the sapphire glass display, And it is expected that they are going to introduce solar Charging using that Sapphire glass.

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In November 2013, It was confirmed by Apple that they company are planning to setup a sapphire glass production facility in Mesa, Arizona with GT Advanced Technologies. Apple started posting jobs for the Mesa facility last week.

Analyst Matt Margolis has discovered a job posting which suggests that Apple may be planning to add a solar-based wireless charging feature to the next generation iPhone by embedding ultra-thin solar cells onto sapphire glass display.

One of the biggest flaws about the iPhone since its launch. has been its poor battery life. Unfortunately, it’s one area where the innovation has also been quite slow. So it will be interesting to see if Apple will introduce iPhone 6 with not only bigger displays, but also come with solar charging sapphire glass screens for improved battery life.

The analyst also points out that Apple had recruited a Thin Film Engineer in September 2013 who had experience in solar, and was hired to develop and refine thin film technology.


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