Samsung Galaxy S5 Showed up on Dutch retailer Website

Samsung Galaxy S5 is now on the mind of almost every one who knows something about smartphones, Samsung is preparing to release it in like few days now,The rumors we stated earlier are now getting close to reality. As for now we have seen a Dutch retailer Typhone have mentioned Samsung galaxy S5 with some of its expected specs. The website has mentioned some major specs are expected from the Samsung’s next flagship that includes, A Full HD screen and 16-megapixel camera as major features of the phone, the 16MP camera is not unexpected, But even the retailers are not sure about the QHD Screen, As from the rumours it looks certain that the display will be QHD, that means 2560×1440 resolution, (quarter area High definition), common HD television resolution known as 1080p. qHD is one-quarter the area, hence the name Quarter-HD (qHD).


Although Typhoon is just a Dutch store its not possible that they have much info from the insides of the Samsung but keeping an eye on the relationship of Typhoon with The Phone House, we cant neglect the fact they might have some inside sources.

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In any case, the specifications shown are quite in line with expectations: In first rumours we saw the 1080p full HD screen recently, among other things, variant models of Samsung galaxy S5  and benchmark data alleged of Galaxy S5 variants.

The Galaxy S5 will be equipped with a 16 megapixel camera is not exactly a surprise, but a little confirmation is always welcome. That comes from Samsung acquiring new ISOCELL camera , which should deliver better photos in low light.

Well Talking about that QHD, there is a screenshot which is stated to be from the Samsung Galaxy S5, It confirms the QHD/2K resolution and the larger screen size of 5.25 inch,Although we are not sure about the authenticity of this ScreenShot, but I thought its better to share it with you guys. Have a look below


As the release date approaches we are starting to get many new things about the upcoming flagship, Now we just cant wait to get our eyes and hands on this amazing device, that seems from speculations. We will keep you updated with all the news and rumours about Samsung Galaxy S5, And if you have something to share, do let us know.

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