Hand On Video: Nokia X and Nokia XL

Nokia introduced us to its new line of smartphones based on Android Open Source Project; Nokia X series. Three smartphones were introduced in this series, Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. These smartphones run on Android OS but do not support Google services. We will see a blend of Android, Windows Phone OS and Nokia services in Nokia X smartphones.

With Nokia X, you will have access to hundreds of thousands of apps developed for Android platform. Play Store will not be installed on the smartphone. You can download apps from Nokia store, installed in the device by default. You can even download Nokia Store for other Android devices and see for yourself if it can replace Play Store or not. You can even install apps from any third party app store. Another way is sideloading Apks in Nokia X. This is a standard method, applicable to every Android device.

Nokia X runs on a Dual Core processor. It sports a 4 inches display and a 3 MP shooter at back. The UI of Nokia X is similar to Windows OS. There are customizable tiles on homescreen. Nokia calls the recent apps menu used in all Android device as fast lane. It allows users to quickly switch between apps that they were using previously. You can check out full specs of Nokia X here. Nokia XL sports a larger 5″ display and also a 5 MP camera sensor. It also has a front facing camera, which offers crisp skype video calls. See the specs teardown of Nokia XL here.

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Nokia has posted a detailed video for Nokia X and Nokia XL. It shows the UI os Nokia X. The transitions feel quite smooth. The phone looks quite responsive. However, we will have to wait for getting to a conclusion until we get our hands on one of these smartphones. Nokia X will be launching soon while Nokia X+ and Nokia XL will be launched in Q2 this year. Watch the hands on video below and share your thoughts about upcoming Nokia X smartphone with us. Check out this Video.

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