Forecast of Apple’s upcoming products through a roadmap by Ming Chi Kuo from KGI Securities

Apple’s smartphone which is very famous around the globe as iPhone was first introduced in 2007 by Steve Jobs. Apple has launched iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S a few months ago and went well in market as it has sold about 9 million devices in just 3 days of its launch. Nowadays we are surrounded by the speculations regarding the upcoming iPhone 6 and other devices from Apple. Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities is well known for providing inside information abut Apple upcoming devices and he has come up with another forecast of upcoming iPhone and other devices for the year 2014. Kuo has provided many leaked information about iPhone 5 before its launch and most of these information were true but a fraction also went wrong so one should take this information with a grain of salt as it could be not more than a rumor.

Ming Chi Kuo has come up with a roadmap suggesting the upcoming devices from Apple for the ongoing year 2014. This roadmap includes many Apple products as it suggest the launch of iMac, iPad Air & iPad mini, iWatch (2sizes), iPhone with 4.7-inch display, Apple TV, ultra slim MacBook with 12-inch display and iPhone with 5.5-inch display screen. In this roadmap Kuo not only suggests the upcoming devices from Apple but he also forecasts the launching date of all these products.


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According to Kuo the Apple will launch the low-cost iMac at some point in 2nd quarter of year and that will be first launch from Apple for the year 2014. After that at the start of 3rd quarter Apple will launch an upgraded iPad Air & iPad mini and soon after iWatch will be launched in two different sizes. After that iPhone with 4.7-inches of display size will be launched in market. After the launch of iPhone at the start of 3rd quarter Apple will considering to launch Apple TV and rumored ultra slim MacBook with 12-inches of display screen at the end of 3rd quarter. Apple iPhone 6 phablet with 5.5-incehs of display will be launched at some point in quarter 4. All of this information is just a forecast by Ming Chi Kuo and we have no any evidence of reliability from Apple.

From the past few months many speculations came up regarding the size and design of upcoming iPhone 6. Schematic diagram first came and then followed by the snapshots of upcoming iPhone 6 from Foxconn facility almost confirms that iPhone duo will be coming in two sizes and now this trustworthy source has further confirmed the existence of iPhone 6 duo. Ming Chi Kuo has not only forecast the products and launch date of these devices but also gives an early insight of these upcoming devices from Apple.

Kuo has revealed the information regarding iMac which is said to be the first and only launch from Apple in 2nd quarter. According to Kuo Apple is launching a low-priced iMac in market which will considerably enhance the sales and boost the iMac shipments up to 23%.

The second device that will be launched by Apple according to Kuo will be iPad Air 2 and iPad mini with retina display. The second generation iPad Air is expected to be launched at the start of 3rd quarter and it will be equipped with A8 chipset, Touch ID and an improved 8MP of camera. Last year the second version of iPad Air was launched in October but this year according to the Kuo the second iPad Air will come earlier. On the other hand iPad mini with 7.9-inches of display will come along with iPad Air 2 and will be equipped with A8 chipset, Touch ID and same design as suggested by Kuo. He also suggests that the price of the older iPad mini will be reduced subsequently.

iWatch will be launched in 3rd quarter after the launch of iPad Air 2 and iPad mini as suggested by Kuo. It will come up in two sizes, with 1.2-inches and 1.5-incehs flexible AMOLED display. For the sake of information, Samsung has launched the device with flexible display with the name of Samsung Gear Fit and well appreciated by customers. iWatch is also coming in a fashionable appearance with sapphire cover lens, biometric functionality, Wireless charging, NFC and integration with the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It will have a slim and stylish design and has 200-250mAh of battery. These are some amazing features for a watch but its price would be quite high as Kuo suggested that one version of iWatch will be sold for $1000.

iPhone 6 will be launched in two different sizes and at two different times as forecasted by Kuo. iPhone 6 with 4.7-inches of display screen with 1334×750 of resolutions and 326ppi of pixel density. The other features include A8 chipset, 1GB of RAM, 8MP of camera with optical image stabilization and Touch ID. It will have a thickness of 6.5-7.0mm, metallic casing and NFC. iPhone 6 with 5.5-inches of display screen with 1920 x 1080 of resolutions and 401ppi of pixel density will be equipped with almost the same features as that of 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The iPhone with 4.7-inch display will be launched in the mid of 3rd quarter while the iPhone with 5.5-incehs of display will be launched later in 4th quarter. Kuo also suggests that iPhone 5.5-inch with 64GB of internal memory will come with Sapphire display.

Kuo also suggests that a 12-inch MacBook Air is also on cards and to be launched in 3rd quarter. It will be an ultra thin MacBook and without buttons. According to Kuo it will be launched with improved display.

This is all that every one of us is expecting from Apple to launch in the year 2014 and Kuo has forecasted the all possible outcomes. But still it is not official news but merely an analytical report by Ming Chi Kuo. What are your thoughts on upcoming devices from Apple? Let us know about your views in comments.

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