HTC is going to release a more affordable plastic version of HTC One (M8)

Smartphone manufacturers are more oriented towards the design and materials used for the smartphones along with other features as nowadays customers prefer the premium materials like metals over cheap ones. HTC has launched HTC One (M8) which is a high-end device equipped with some amazing features and also made up of aluminum. It has been sold for $700 and for as high as $853 in some regions. This price is some how too much high for some customers and to capture those customers HTC is going to launch plastic version of HTC One (M8). This is most unlikely as HTC has just said through the training sales materials that the premium metal construction is one of the five major reasons that make HTC One (M8) superior over Samsung Galaxy S5. But somehow HTC has announced the plastic bodied version will soon be available and it will be offered for just $483 which is certainly a huge decrease in price. Talking about the specifications and other features of this upcoming plastic bodied HTC One (M8), it will be same as of the original HTC One (M8).

HTC is a Taiwanese based smartphone manufacturing company which is well known for its high-end smartphone it has released in past few years. It has worked hard not only to innovate new technology but also consider the design of the devices and materials used for construction. Last year HTC has come up with HTC One smartphone which went well in smartphone market and praised well for its amazing feature as well as for its design and materials of construction. After the successful launch of HTC One, customers looked forward for HTC to announce its successor and now it has been launched in 125 countries around the globe and getting much appreciation from customers.

HTC One (M8) is an amazing smartphone equipped with some amazing features which can not be seen in any other smartphone. HTC One (M8) has dimensions of 146.4 x 70.6 x 9.4 mm and it has weight of 160g. It has a amazing 5-inches of display screen with 1080×1920 of resolutions and equipped with HTC sense UI v6, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core 2.3GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and 2600mAh of battery. It has equipped with an amazing Ultra Pixel dual camera which is first time ever used in any smartphone and praised well because of its brilliant result. HTC One (M8) also has a 5MP of frontal camera and used Android 4.4 KitKat which is latest from Android. Considering the above mentioned specifications HTC One (M8) can compete with any other high-end smartphone.

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HTC One (M8) has been launched now and HTC is marketing to enhance the sales of the smartphone. This plastic version will benefit both the customers and HTC itself. HTC will be benefited by this plastic version as the number of unit sales will be increased many times as because of subsequent decrease in price while more customers will be able to afford a high end smartphone with such low price. HTC has not announced any launch date for this plastic bodied HTC One (M8) but it will soon be revealed. It is expected that this plastic version of HTC One (M8) will only be distributed in Asia as there are more mediocre customers and the carrier subsidies are not prevalent.

HTC One (M8) has hit the shelves and most of the customers have their hands on this amazing device. This plastic version will made able those customers to purchase the device who somehow cannot get their hands on device due to less money. Will this strategy help HTC One (M8) to beat Samsung Galaxy S5 in smartphone market? Let us know about your views in comments.

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