Duet Game 1.1 Apk – An Interesting Concept

We love to face some challenges but really hate that when we can’t able to reach our goal. Flappy Birds was the start of a new era. The game was played with only a single finger and yet the game was challenging. You have a weird looking bird who loves to flap but the hurdles won’t let you fly easily. I could possibly able to cross 10 pipes after countless tries. The game gets annoying when you can’t even able to pass the single pipe but still we want to play that game and the answer is simple, the game was very addicting. The concept was new and the difficulty level was totally different.

Afterwards that game gave several concepts to the other developers and now we are facing the most difficult and challenging game every day. Mr Flap, The Impossible Cave and Threes are some of the newest challenging games but some other developers are challenging them and now there is another challenging and most difficult game according to us by gameStudio. The name of the newly challenging game is “Duet Game”. The name of this game is confusing as we don’t really know what that really means.


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Control of this game is very simple but still it is completely impossible to master this game. The interference is pretty simple and there is no story behind this game. I bet while playing this game you won’t take your eyes off the screen of your Smartphone. If you think you have good reflexes and can handle anything with both of your thumbs in coordination.

A rule of playing this game is very simple, just stay calm and avoid some moving and rotating obstacles. You have t2o balls which are synced together. Stay calm and rotate them is such a strategic way that you can avoid some really disturbing obstacles. The design of this game is in minimal form which is easy on the eye. Tap left to rotate left and tap right to rotate right. Avoid obstacles with peaceful mind. Game gets difficult as you further proceed. Beat your friends score in this challenging game. Do you like this game? Share your review with us in the comment box below. This game requires 2.0+ Android version and the size of the game is very low and it will work in almost every Smartphone. So enjoy the brilliant challenging game and share your thoughts with us.

This game is available in free version as well. Download it from Google Play Store or download directly from our website. If you don’t know how to download apk manually, then see the instructions below and the download link is given below as well.

  1. Download Apk from below
  2. Copy it to your Smartphone or tablet
  3. Open any File manager (ES File Explorer File Manager)
  4. Locate this Apk file from that manager
  5. Open this Apk from your Smartphone/Tablet
  6. Now simply Install it

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