iPhone 6 battery Leaks revealing the expected increase in size

Apple Inc. is an American based multinational corporation which is placed 2nd in terms of revenue after Samsung and it has appeared as a very famous smartphone manufacturer through its iPhone line of smartphones. Last year Apple has launched iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C simultaneously and sold almost 9 millions of devices in just 3 days. Soon after the launch of this duo, Apple started to improve further the design and internal hardware to compete well with other smartphone manufacturers and thrive in smartphone market. Apple is considering increasing the size of its upcoming iPhone as suggested by many rumors and now came up this snapshot of alleged battery that is going to be used in upcoming iPhone 6. This elongated battery further confirms which was previously rumored that upcoming Apple iPhone 6 would have lager size than its predecessor.


According to some rumors Apple is going to begin the production of iPhone 6 on a small-scale starting from May. Apple has previously used 1440mAh of battery for iPhone 5 and 1570mAh of battery for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C while considering to increase the size of battery upto 1700mAh for upcoming iPhone 6 but according to a recent news Apple would use 2000mAh of battery. One thing is for sure that the battery would be larger than the previous ones and that has been further assured by this snapshot which reveals a further elongated rectangular block. Visible detail which has been shown on the battery somehow asks question as it has not been seen on the batteries used for previous generation iPhone 5S and 5C.

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Watching closely this snapshot you can also see that pins have been paced on the top of battery instead of it sides as were placed in previous generation batteries. This change somehow explains the possible redesign of inside hardware to accumulate more space due to larger display screen. As many speculation suggests the larger 4.7-inch size of upcoming iPhone 6, so engineers are working to make efficient use of space available and this large battery is on of these efforts make to accommodate all space.


Speculations about the upcoming iPhone 6 are coming more frequent from last few weeks and it is clear now that we will soon hear some official announcement from Apple. It is also considerable that battery news for Apple iPhone 5S has came out exact three months before the launch of the device, so it can be deduce that we are only three months behind from the launch of next generation iPhone 6.

As for now display panels, molds of production and batteries are in line for production, we will be hearing soon from Apple about the upcoming device. This snapshot of batteries which are said to be made for iPhone 6 although came through a reliable source but still could be just a rumor and these could be the batteries of some other smartphone but that is what we have for now. We will let you know if we have our hands on any news regarding iPhone 6 and until then let us know about your views in comments.

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