Concept model of iPhone 6 shows slightly curved borders and thinner body

Speculations about the upcoming iPhone 6 are coming much frequently especially from the last few weeks and it is now thought that soon Apple will make some official announcement about the device. Previously we have heard a lot about the increase in display size as well as improved specifications but there is more concern about the size and design of next generation iPhone 6. According to these schematics, molds and cases, we are all agree on the fact that upcoming iPhone 6 will have 4.7-inches of display screen. Recently a French publication has came up with an exclusive news regarding the design and body of the iPhone 6 and now it has succeeded to disclose the conceptual model of iPhone 6 which is made by Martin Hajek and this model is based on the information came from an inside source.

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation which is very famous around the globe because of its range of electronic devices it has released in market. Apple has launched its first smartphone with the name of iPhone in 2007 and it was well praised by customers. After that time Apple has further improved its smartphone that it has made a special place in the hearts of smartphone users around the globe. Last year Apple has launched iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and this duo only because of the Apple logo got so much success that Apple has able to sold 9 million devices in just three days. After the successful launch of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, Apple is looking forward for its upcoming iPhone 6. Apple is trying to improvise in smartphone market by increasing the size of its upcoming iPhone 6 because customers are more oriented towards large screen smartphones and phablets nowadays. That is why Apple is considering to change its regular 4-inch size to a more presentable 4.7-inch. Although there is no confirmation about it from Apple officials but somehow we are able to know this by many inside leaks. Many snapshots, schematics and recent snapshots of batteries have been leaked suggesting the increase in size of upcoming iPhone 6.

Nowhereelse a French publication has managed to draw a possible model of iPhone 6 with the help of a Chinese source and Martin Hajek. These conceptual models of iPhone 6 show a beautifully constructed device which can capture the hearts of many only by its looks. These models show the device having minimal bezels because of which Apple has succeeded to put a 4.7-inch display in the device which is only slightly larger than its predecessor. These drawings also show more curved edges which were not present in case of iPhone 5. So it is a change in the design of upcoming iPhone 6 with curvier edges and smoother body. It also shows that plastic cap is no more present in upcoming iPhone 6. This concept model also describes that iPhone 6 would be almost 20% slimmer than its predecessor which further makes iPhone 6 more beautiful.

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These conceptual diagrams show how beautifully constructed iPhone 6 is going to be but it not the actual design of iPhone 6 as it is only based on the rumors and there is no official announcement yet so one should see these images with a grain of salt. Let us know what you people think of these models?

Source: phonearena | nowhereelse

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