OnePlus One’s Camera Compared with Nikon 3100 DSLR and Oppo Find 5

OnePlus One is a newly born smartphone manufacturing company which is going to launch its first smartphone soon with the name of OnePlus One. According to the manufacturer it can compete with any premium smartphone available in the market. All of its specifications have been revealed as it has 5.5-inches of full HD JDI display screen with 1080p resolutions, quad-core 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB of RAM, 13MP of Sony Exmor IMX214 rear camera with f/2.0 and 5MP of front facing camera and 3100mAh of battery. OnePlus has tested the 13MP of camera of the smartphone through a Photo-Mania competition which was held at the start of the month. Martin Mal won that competition through the amazing photography. He has managed to compare the camera of OnePlus One with Oppo Find 5 and Nikon 3100 DSLR.

In this comparison Oppo Find 5 is not one of best contender however Nikon D3100 is a full fledged DSLR with its 14MP of camera and 18/55mm of lens. Martin Mal has compared the three cameras in different kind of environment as it has taken photos at bright and soft light, low and extreme low light conditions, and close up macro and depth of field. He also added that no other feature was used as tripods and HDR.

These photos are taken by Martin Mal and illustrate the capturing ability of OnePlus One camera when it is compared with Oppo Find 5 and Nikon 3100 DSLR. OnePlus One has 13MP of camera which also has certain features like image stabilization and these photos somehow illustrate the amazing quality of the camera.

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Back Light

Low Light

Extreme Low Light

Bright Light


Depth Of Field 

As you can see that in the photos taken by OnePlus One camera, details are much clear and photos are over saturated. Along with these snapshots from the amazing camera of OnePlus One, Martin Mal also shot a 1 minute duration of 4K video which is shown below. It is suggested to watch that video in full screen mode while choose the 2160p(4k) of resolutions.

OnePlus One is a high-end smartphone which would soon be launched as speculations are coming more frequently. However there is no official announcement on the launch date and price of OnePlus One but the price will be lower than other high-end smartphones as suggested by many OnePlus. These snapshots will considerably increase the interest of customers who are already waiting for the launch of OnePlus One as customers nowadays are more interested in high quality camera than any other feature of smartphone. This is all for the time being, we will update you people if there is any news regarding OnePlus One and until then let us know about your views in comments.

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