How To Recover Data From Samsung S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen

If your Smartphone’s Screen broke up, the most easiest ways to recover your data from your smartphone is by DATA CABLE or Using KIES Air. Well if you didn’t backed up your data, didn’t stored it in your SD card and you didn’t even turned on the USB debugging mode and all the functions and backlights of touch buttons work but you cant see anything on the screen, and you have connected your smartphone to your Laptop from data cable but you cant access your files because the screen is locked with a security pattern and you can not unlock it because the digitizer is not working,and you have also tried KIES but Still unable to recover your data, well this post can be of your great help then; I have collected two methods that can help you recover your pictures , videos, messages and contacts from Samsung S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen smartphones.

Recover Data From Samsung S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen


Method 1 to Recover Data from Samsung S2, S3, S4 Broken Screen

This Method will work Only if you used to have Samsung account on your smartphone, you can check if your Samsung account is registered or not here.

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  1. Go onto the Samsung website.
  2. Click the Find my phone button or Simply login here.
  3. Login Using your Samsung Account you used to have on your smartphone.
  4. All the Options regarding using your smartphone remotely will be available on the screen.
  5. There will be an option on the left hand side of the screen to unlock your screen remotely.
  6. Connect with your USB Cable and KIES will allow you access to your files.

Update: This Method is not working on Samsung S2 and S3, And this service is not available in USA.

Method 2 to Recover Data from Samsung S2, S3, S4 Broken Screen

This Method is a bit Technical but it works 100% guaranteed, For this Method you need to have another Smartphone like yours but with working screen(e.g If you own S3, You Need to Borrow A friend’s S3)
Your data is saved on the motherboard, so you can just put it in another phone and back up from there.

Watch the tutorial for removing the display screen and its wires here

All you need to do is to be careful while following the steps mentioned below as to not damage the working device!
1) Take out the tiny screws from the back of phones (~10 in each).
2) Remove the plastic cover that is shielding the motherboard.
3) Unclip the display cable from both phones.


Note: The display clip for S4 is not where pictured above, its on the upper right.
4) Insert the cable from the phone with the working screen into the port on the cracked/locked phone.
5) Boot it back up, and save all of your files after unlocking it.

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I hope the above guide is helpful, If you still have any problem on  how to Recover Data From Samsung S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen, You can ask me in the comments.

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  4. Sorry, I’m confused. What all do we removed just to hook up the new screen to the s4? I don’t want to remove unnecessary things. Also, will removing the screen from the new s4 screw up the adhesive?

    1. Abdullah Akbar Shafi

      - Edit


      You Should follow this step only if you want to recover the data.. If you want a new screen , you should go to a Professional…
      And it wont screw up your adhesive as you dont have to remove the screen from the body , Just Disconnect it ,connect it with other screen Back up all of your data and then again connect it with the broken one…!
      (For A new Screen you May have to visit the tech store)

  5. Abdullah Akbar Shafi

    - Edit


    I am Afraid there is someother problem along with screen breakage…!
    Kindly do the Steps properly And then try… I should Work , It Worked for me For My S2
    Check out the Video Link Above.. MAke sure to connect the Plugs firmly..!

  6. Thank you Abdullah! Method two worked well for me! My screen was completely un-usable and this method is the only one that worked to allow me to back up my data and then erase all data so I could send back the broken phone to my carrier. 🙂

  7. DisgustedWithSociety

    - Edit


    Waiting on a spare s2 to try this! But this gives me hope! I’ve tried everything else but since my phone does not have usb debugging enabled, haven’t been able to connect it to the computer

  8. Can’t thank you enough. I have been trying to find any help with my broken mobile and was lost with the adb solutions.

    Your solution is simple and perfect

  9. Absolute quality guidance and advice. Keep up the good work, not lost the photos of the kids this time. Cheers and many thanks.

  10. Im trying to do the first one cause i dont want to have to pull it apart but it says the phone is offline so its not working :/ what should i do?

  11. log on to your account on find my mobile page via pc web browser, now, while on the site, click on the unlock my phone, on your phone, open your wifi and make sure it is connected to a network, or mobile data enabled. see if the phone goes online. you can also select track my mobile now, and see if it goes online.

    PS: This Service is not available in US Because of Patent Claims of Apple..!
    If you Live in USA you cant Use the first method..!

  12. Hey Thanks for the great post! Unfortunately my phone got water damage and the screen and digitizer are broken. I have the exact issue mentioned above however a new LCD screen is not working either (I think the video card on the motherboard is the issue). Any other solutions, unfortunately I don’t have Samsung account setup and USB debugging isn’t checked either. Any other suggestions would be great! Thanks again

  13. My s4 screen broke down and my pics are inside. The insurance company is sending a replacement. Is is fine if I open the motherboard?

  14. hiii… this sounds very promising… i am going to try this when i get back home. I had a quick question…. can i use a S3 screen with my (briken) S4 phone… or do i have to find someone with a S4?? TIA…..

  15. Hello,
    I just tried method 2 for my broken S4 and connected to S4active, the phone turns on but the screen is not working. any suggestions what to do next?

  16. Method 2 worked like a charm, had my father in-law’s phone back up with all of his data in 40 minutes. Thank you Abdullah!

  17. Hi, I used your method 1 which worked perfectly until I got onto Kies, it comes up with an error saying “change connection mode to media device (MTP)” is there a way to do that when the screen is completely black? Thanks in advance 🙂 (desperate!!)

  18. I have an s2 and just attempted method 2. I used my wife’s s2 and everything seemed to go well. Quite easy actually. When I booted up my phone the images all came up and my pass code display but I was unable to enter any of the code or operate the phone in any way. I plugged the screen back into my wife’s phone and it worked perfectly. Almost seems like the screen and motherboard are synced somehow?? Any thoughts?

    1. You didnt attached the wires properly, You might have noticed that if you use someother charger to charge your smartphone the digitizer and screen doesnot works properly, You Should try again and make sure to firmly attach the wires and remove your smartphone from charging while you are doing so..
      Let me know if it worked.

  19. Abdulla,

    I currently have an S4 and the mother board is damaged 🙁 as in the phone is absoloutely DEAD, won’t power up even if I change the battery. I dont have a memory card, everything is stored on the internal memory. Any way I can retrieve all the data back? Would appreciate your help… please email me at

  20. Hello

    I was wondering if this were possible with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

    I have tried to carry out the same procedure however I have had no joy.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards


  21. Thanks – the advice you provided saved me loads of time and stress. I can now access keys and back up my smashed phone!

  22. Hi, I broke my S4 screen, and it took some time for me to replace the screen finally. Screen is ok now, but the problem is I forgot my password by then. I tried every possible passwords but unable to unlock the phone. Can you help me to solve this problem?

  23. Awesome solution – Never thought of remote unlock method using samsung account. This is great. Thanks so much for your help. You’re a lifesaver!

  24. Samsung won’t support anything older than an S5 now, or at least for us who live in the USA. The only way to recover data is to go through the motherboard now…

  25. I need help accessing my photos on my phone, the digitizer is broken and i have a passcode on the phone, i have tried to follow the steps, not working. help please!

  26. My s2 digitalizer has broken and there is no memory card in it and I want to be able to get the internal memory back. I am selling it soon so I need some help. It says something like not availible for some models or something. Any help?

  27. It works 100%….just unlocked my S4 and backed up all the data on it…Method 2 is absolutely the only option left if you are unable to unlock your phone (coz of a cracked screen) and dont have usb debugging enabled, dont have bluetooth enabled, dont have the find my phone app (from samsung) and are unable to connect to Kies software. Thanks once again…this blog is much more usefull than a ton of useless videos on the same topic on youtube.

  28. it doesnt unlock the device, it shows that it;s turned off, but it is not. i need to enter pin code obviously when i turn it on, that’s why it shows it’s offline? how could i turn it on, so it allows me to unlock it on that samsung site?

  29. Yesss!! Method two was my one and only resort… and it worked – couple of months of baby pics rescued! Thanks for a great post from Holland.

  30. For method 2, I was able to see the display, but touch screen is not working and I could not unlock using the pattern. Can you please confirm I have to connect the display cable of both phones to each other, I connected only broken display to working display I power up both phones or only one of them? Anything else that I need to do?

  31. oh my! ive been looking and looking for a solution and it was as simple as connecting a functioning screen! thank you so much for helping!!!

  32. I completely broke my Samsung galaxy s3 screen and I need to get everythig off my phone but any suggestions have said that I need to be able to use the screen in some way? Please help?

  33. Hey I never had a Samsung account registered on my old phone, so method two is my only option. How risky is it to damage my new phone?

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