How To Hide WhatsApp Photos Instantly

There are lots of things in the world full of technology and Android is something that always gets on top every single time. There are lots of things for Android that you can’t even imagine. Rooting a device is now not a big thing because almost everyone knows how to do so. With some marvelous applications you can root your device with one single tap and that’s what makes it much easier for every single person.

Come to think of it, almost every useful application required root access and it is really a pain to backup an entire data and then root your device. It’s good if you root your device and knows its benefits. But if you are not interesting in rooting your device then there are still so much interesting things out there that you can’t even imagine. There are countless applications, games and tools in Google Play Store that it’s just difficult to use every single application. It’s hard to choose any application because there are many of the application with same features that gives us a little confusion on what to download.

In my case I download every application because I am that kind of guy who loves to explore Google Play Store. WhatsApp is one of the top android application ever. It is free to download and most importantly, easy to use. If you are looking for a perfect online messaging application than this application is something you must try. I know there are very only few people who don’t know about WhatsApp but mostly know about it very well. WhatsApp has become a part of our life. Every single day we get addicted to it.

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Why this application is so famous? Because you can chat without any hesitation, it is fast and simple which makes it worth using. Mostly people use WhatsApp to send images or video to their friends and family. The pictures that everybody sent to you will be downloaded automatically, you can change it from the settings of the WhatsApp but mostly doesn’t change that.

There is always some kind of fellows who borrow your Smartphone to look something and they then try swiping all the gallery from start to end. This is really annoying, they think that it’s cool to look at someone’s private photos but believe me it sucks. Well no matter what we say to them, they will always try to do something stupid like that every time they borrow your Smartphone for some reason.

But the question is how to avoid those annoying friends? Well there are plenty of ways. You can use Hide it pro to hide pictures because it will give you the perfect camouflage to hide your photos. But still Hide it pro is now really famous and now almost everybody knows about it. Why not try something different and fast this time? I think this is going to become best tool to hide any photo album instantly. If you are ready for it then proceed further.


How To Hide WhatsApp Photos Instantly:

Hiding those pictures are now really fun and creative in this way. You will feel genius if you try this trick. Now all you need is a File Manager, you can download ES File Manager or Astro File Manager, or any other file manager you like. I will go with ES File Manager.

Downloading ES File Manager is really easy, go to Google Play Store. Search for ES File Manager and then simply install it in your Smartphone. It’s totally free so don’t worry just download it. According to us ES File Manager is one of the best file manager to do lots of stuff.

Now follow these simple steps to learn the trick on how to hide WhatsApp photos instantly.

  1. Download ES File Manager, to do so, go to Google Play Store, search for it and then download it.
  2. Now open it from Apps Menu. You will be in sdcard which means you are in your internal storage. Search and open WhatsApp folder from there. [Screenshot]
  3. Open “Media. Then open “WhatsApp Images”. [Screenshot]
  4. Here you have images that you receive in WhatsApp, now take a look at the bottom left of ES File Manager, there is “+” symbol. [Screenshot]
  5. Open it and then tap on “File”. That’s right, you are going to create a mysterious file. [Screenshot]
  6. Write the name of file “.nomedia”. Tap on OK. Then you will receive toast notification that you create .nomedia file. [Screenshot]
  7. Now if go back to gallery and you will see that all the WhatsApp pictures are gone. If still those photos shows in gallery, delete the cache of the gallery and restart your device but it the rare chance that pictures will still appear. There is one more thing. You can still see these pictures from any file manager so make sure you locked your file manager.

How To Unhide WhatsApp Photos:

  1. If you are done at fooling your friends and want to unhide the pictures again then follow some simple steps.
  2. Go to ES File Manager.
  3. Tap its fast access icon which is in the top left of this manager.
  4. Open “Tools” section. Turn on the Show Hidden Files option. [Screenshot]
  5. You are half way done. Now go to WhatsApp folder.
  6. Open Media and then “WhatsApp images“.
  7. Here you will find that file which is .nomedia now simply delete it. [Screenshot]
  8. Now all your photos are visible in your gallery.
  9. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to disable the unhide option from the fast access of ES File Manager. That’s how you can hide or unhide WhatsApp images instantly. Not just WhatsApp, you can hide any other image folders as well by doing these same steps. If you have anything to ask or if you don’t understand any step then feel free to ask in the comment box below. If you know any other trick like this then also share it with us.

+Arslan Saleem is currently studying engineering and & has a keen interest in technology. He is an expert in Origami and top notch Photoshop editor. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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