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Couple of days ago, Google I/O took place, in which many new Android related products were introduced. These products included Google TV, Android Wear OS and the most important, next version of Android. Keeping the suspense alive, Google has not announced the actual name of the next version of Android. It is calling it Android L for now. Since Google names Android versions after a sweet dish and chooses the names in alphabetical order, we expect the next name to be, also supposed from previous rumors, Android Lollipop. There are few other assumptions about next version of Android as well, that starts with the alphabet L, but Lollipop seems to be the best guess.

There are number of changes introduced by Google in Android L. The next generation Android platform OS is supposed to make different products come even closer and make their functionality more inter-related. Google aims to make the web more beautiful through Android. Android L will also support some Android applications for Chrome OS. With the addition of Android Wear OS to the Android family, this new product will also mix up comfortably with other devices. A very useful feature in Android L is trusted devices. This new feature will add any device, a wireless connection, a location to trusted devices. When you are near these places or near any trusted device, the security password will be automatically disabled. A very useful illustration of this new cool feature is that if you are wearing a smart watch with Android Wear OS installed on it, Like LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live, you will be able to bypass the lockscreen with it. You will not have to enter your password every time you have to reply to a message or read a random Email.

Another cool announcement at Google I/O was Google Auto. Finally Android is available for cars. Now imagine, when you enter your car, you just say “Ok Google” , point out the task, or ask it to navigate and it does it all seamlessly. If you have to get out if car and take a walk, your smart watch can guide you next. Whether you want to set a reminder or send a text message, these devices are being built to provide the best experience for you. If you own a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 2013 Wifi Only version, then you try Android L right now. The preview version of Android L is available for anyone to install. If you would like to install it, visit the guides given below.

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How to Install Android L Developer Preview on Nexus 5 GSM/LTE

How to Install Android L Developer Preview on Nexus 7 2013 Wifi

Unfortunately, those who do not own one of these devices will have to wait until Google officially announces it and then wait for the manufacturers to release it for our devices. Custom ROMs will be the fastest way to get the latest version of Android. If you want to get a taste of Android L, then you can download its wallpapers and the Android L keyboard. These two are available for non-rooted users and easy to use. If you would like to get any of these, then download from below.

Android L Wallpapers

You can also download selected wallpapers. Click any of these to enlarge and then save it directly to your phone or PC.

These wallpapers look good enough but you can get even more closer to Android L. Now you can easily install Android L keyboard on your device without root. Previously, rooting was required for installing Android L keyboard on any Android device. However, it might not work with Nexus devices in which Google Keyboard is a system application and it cannot be uninstalled. For other devices, if you have install Google Keyboard from Play Store, uninstall it and then install Android L Keyboard apk.

How to Install Android L Keyboard Without Root

  • Download Android L keyboard Apk from here
  • Download it directly to your phone or copy it from PC to your phone
  • On your phone, navigate to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources
  • Now using any file explorer, navigate to the folder where you have placed Android L Keyboard Apk
  • Tap on it and Click on Install
  • It will be installed as Google Keyboard
  • Once installation is done, navigate to Settings > Language and Input
  • Tick Google Keyboard
  • Now Select it as Default keyboard
  • Then from same tab, open its settings and navigate to Advance tab
  • Scroll down and find Color Scheme
  • Open it and select “Material”
  • Confirm it and you are done!
  • Enjoy Android L on your device
  • Here are some screenshots describing all the steps

There are some other features of Android L available for other Android phones as well but most of them are for rooted phones only. As soon as more apps will be made available for non-rooted phones, it will available on this site.

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