Android L Release date

Last week in Google I/O Conference at San Francisco  we saw the unveiling of next iteration of operating system of search giant Google, Although the preview was amazing and we saw some new features, but there are still a lot of questions that are needed to be answered,Today, The Question we will be talking about is Release date of Android L.

Another thing worth considering is that what will it be called Android 4.5 or Android 5.0? And what will be its Code name, Google has a pattern for naming Android versions and according to that pattern, The names of their operating systems are of desserts and in alphabetical order, last time with Android 4.4, Google signed a deal with Nestle so the name was of a renowned chocolate Kitkat, This time its going to be ‘L’,Will it be code named Liquorice, Lollipop or Lemon Pie? When will it be available and will my smartphone ever get the update.

Here we try to answer some of these questions but first here’s a quick recap of what features Android L will bring:

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Android L is the latest version of Android which was unveiled at Google I/O last week and which will be released to users later this year.

The upcoming operating system has alot of new updates in the user interface and the features, The most significant thing worth mentioning is the introduction of new design language that is called as Material Design which allows developers create layers within their apps.

Android L is not just a bug removing update, its much bigger update and it will bring along number of amazing new features in the operating system, the changes includes improvements to notifications, battery life, the lock screen, and Android’s User Interface. The biggest changes can be seen in action in the video below.

Android L Release date

This year there is some change in the operating system release from google, Now their way is the same as Apple, They used to announce the update in summer developer conference and then release the final version later in the same year, thats whats Google will be doing this year.

Although Google didn’t give any precise date on which its update will be releasing, But at Google I/O conference, the search giant announced that the final version will be released this fall which for those of us not from the US or Canada means autumn of this year.

Autumn depends upon the country you are in but as Google is based in North of America, So we will make our calculations considering that.

This mean that autumn begins with the September equinox, which in 2014 occurs on 23 September at 2.29am (GMT).

This essentially means Android L could arrive any time between 23 September and 23 December.

Last year and the year before that we saw that Google released Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 in the month of November. It gives us a clue that Android L’s final version might be coming along the next Flagship of Nexus Smartphones that can be Nexus 6.

This is all we know till date about Android L release date, We will keep you updated as we get more information about this Operating system and its release.

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