How To Receive Every Type Of File With Bluetooth [Root]

Rooting an Android device means getting full access of your Smartphone. You can do anything, if have guts to root your device. Android phones are getting huge success every single day. With so much features we can do anything. There is one of the common feature that every single Smartphone got except iOS. Yes I am talking about Bluetooth. Well basically it is one of the most common and most used feature of all time.

Even if you are a student, a teacher, a worker or anything and you owe a Smartphone. There is no doubt that you will use Bluetooth someday. Sending speed is little slow but still you can’t help it. You always use it. Nowadays there are other applications as well that help you send or receive files and one of the best application to transfer anything from a device to another is Superbeam. With awesome speed, you can transfer things in seconds. You can send or receive any type of file with that.

Still we use Bluetooth if we don’t have those applications. It is actually good and reliable but the worst part of this feature is that you can only receive specific file type. I talked about rooting a device above, because we are going to need it. Rooting a device is a key to do anything. If you have a rooted device and you don’t use its flawless features then you are totally doing it wrong.

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If you Bluetooth some files a lot and have some other files format on your Laptop or other device that you want to send in your Smartphone without using USB Cable. To do so, all you need is a Bluetooth unlock mode. And to get this application, you need a rooted device and Xposed Framework. Xposed Framework is filled with different modules. To proceed further, let me tell you one thing that rooting a device will void the warranty of your device. We don’t take any responsibility so do it at your own risk.

If you have a rooted Smartphone, make sure you have backed up your precious data because these type of trick don’t come up with any guarantee. So if you love your data, make sure to create backup of your data. To do so, you can us Titanium Backup. Now here is a list of requirements that you need to use Bluetooth unlock application.


  1. Root Access
  2. Android version 2.3+
  3. Xposed Framework
  4. Bluetooth Unlock Module

Now if you are done with first two requirements, the rest of the things are pretty simple to get. To download Xposed Framework, you need to download Xposed Installer. To do so, here is the link given below. It is in the form of Apk, so install it normally. Now if you want to know, how to get Xposed Framework, then the step by step tutorial is given below.

How to Install Xposed Framework:

  1. Download Apk of Xposed Installer from above.
  2. Copy it to your Smartphone or tablet
  3. Open any File manager [ES File Manager | Tomi File Manager]
  4. Locate this Apk file from that manager
  5. Open this Apk from your Smartphone/Tablet
  6. Now simply Install it [Make sure you enabled Unknown Resources]
  7. Open the Xposed Installer, go to the “Framework” section
  8. Click on Install/Update, now it will reboot
  9. Its done

If you want to check that it’s done. Go to Xposed Installer and open the Framework section. If the numbers shown above is in green color then you are good to go.

How To Receive Every Type Of File With Bluetooth:

Now that you have installed Xposed Framework, there is one last step remaining. You need to download Bluetooth Unlock module. To do so, download it from the link given below. Module is in the form of Apk, so install it like a normal Apk. When it is downloaded, copy it to your Smartphone, open any file manager and locate this Apk file. Open it and install it. Before installing, make sure you have enabled unknown resources.

Now that you have installed this Apk. Go to Xposed Installer from the apps menu. Head over to Module section, enable it and then reboot your device. When it’s done rebooting. Go to apps menu and open Bluetooth Unlock application. Open it, here you can enable any type of file that you want to receive. No need to reboot your device after selecting file format. That’s it. Got any question? Feel free to ask anything in the comment box below.

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