Octagon The Flying Squirrel 1.3.4 Apk – Tilt Your Smartphone to 360 Degrees

Have you ever heard of one of the famous paid game? Boson X? Well this game is exactly like that but with totally different control, different type of difficulty and obviously one of the best gameplay. There are many games with almost same gameplay but I bet you won’t find a game like this. Graphics are extremely brilliant which plays a vital part in every game. You can’t just play any game with dumb graphics.

Many made mistakes in differentiating the simple concept of a simple game and a low graphics game. Even there are some games in Google Play Store which are quite big when it comes to size but very poor graphics. So it’s very necessary to have a not just good but brilliant graphics. There are many games in Google Play Store with almost brilliant gameplay but what they lack is some nice graphics that is why they can’t able to make it to the top.

Even the simplest of the game can build their position in Google Play Store. Just like that there is one of the brilliant game with astonishing graphics and totally addictive gameplay. If you don’t want to play Boson X as it is a paid game, you can enjoy this one. Octagon – The Flying Squirrel by Irache is one of the newest game with addictive gameplay. Remember how do you play in Boson X? Tap left or right but the gameplay of this one is totally different. You can tap to jump and tilt your screen to move left or right.

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If that thing didn’t impress you all then let me tell you one of the weird, coolest and totally awesome part of the gameplay of this game that you can tilt to 360 degrees to move your cute little buddy.

That sounds weird at first but when you play this game, you will know that it can turn your world totally upside down. Well you can’t play this game in public because sometimes you have to tilt the screen of your device to 360 degrees and that is quite difficult for you to do it in public.

So the basic warning and the basic way to win this game is to be ready to tilt your Smartphone upside down or you will not survive from that dimension. The roads are in the octagon shape and you can enjoy this game as it is totally free and almost every Android user can play and enjoy this game. When it comes to its control, they are quite difficult but still so much fun. There is no fun if the game is easy, so I think this game is best for you to face some real challenges.


Rotate your device to move the squirrel inside a 360º octagonal barrel. Tap the screen to jump and hold it pressed to glide over gaps. Avoid the black blocks and collect acorns to progress further in the game. It is free in Google Play Store and works just great on almost every Smartphone. Just in case you can’t able to find it in Google Play Store or having some other issues, you can download it manually from the link given below.

All Android apps and games are in the Apk format and it is totally easy to install. No need to do anything difficult, just download the Apk file of this game from below and then copy it to your Smartphone then open any file manager and open this Apk, just install it and that’s it. Download link is given below and step by step method to download this game manually. Still if you got any problem, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

Download Octagon – The Flying Squirrel

How to Install Octagon – The Flying Squirrel Manually on Android Devices

  1. Download and save the Octagon – The Flying Squirrel Apk anywhere on your smartphone or tablet
  2. On your device, navigate to Settings > Security
  3. Turn on Unknown Sources
  4. Now using any file explorer, navigate to the folder where you have put the Apk file
  5. Tap on it and click on install
  6. As soon as installation is done, you can open it directly from the “Open” button below or access it via App drawer

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