Download Atomic Swing 1.0 Apk – Simple Yet So Addicting

This era is totally fill with Android users everywhere. No matter where you are, you will find almost Android users everywhere. Android plays an essential role now as it serves almost every purpose of life. There is no doubt that Android can help you with everything and anything. No matter wherever you are, if you want to know where you are or where you want to go, you could do so by using your Smartphone.

If you love to play games, then Android will help you out. There are countless games and applications that you can enjoy in almost every type of Smartphone. As Android is an Open Source, you can change anything from your Smartphone. If you owe an Android phone, there is no doubt that you definitely know about what is root and what it is mean to root any Smartphone. In short term, I could explain it, that it will help you out to unlock those features that you can’t control in a normal Smartphone. You can tweak with system and can do whatever you want.

There are countless cool applications that can only work if you have a root access. You know its defect that it will void the warranty of your Smartphone, so make sure if you want to root your Smartphone or not. Well there is no need to root if you don’t have any interest to do anything amazing. Android games don’t required root access, so if you are just a gamer, enjoy playing countless games on your device from Google Play Store.

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Google Play Store is filled with many brilliant developers, who create such games that will always remain in our heart. No doubt, some of the games will always remain in the top shelves of Google Play Store. Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds and many other games are well known games in Google Play Store. No doubt, some developers created such a game that are extremely simple yet so much difficult. Flappy Bird is a great example of simplicity. That game was extremely simple without any story, yet that game was a huge disaster in Google Play Store history, you can’t just stop playing that game because it was so much addictive and fun.

Some of the players were disturbed from that game, as they can’t able to stop their hands from playing it, so beware of such addicting games. I thought Flappy Bird was the simplest game I have ever played, until if find out something simpler and more fun. Well this game is totally new in Google Play Store, with very few downloads. Why is that so? Because many users are not well aware of such type of games. They only play what they see in top featured post.

Every famous game was once a game with so much bad rating and it’s the matter of time that they get huge success. Atomic Swing is the name of that newest simple, addictive and brilliant game. These type of games are totally story less with barely action features yet we play these games because you can’t just play some heavy games all the time. I bet you are going to love this game.

Don’t just look at its screenshot. It all looks weird unless you play this game.
Don’t just look at its screenshot. It all looks weird unless you play this game.

Believe me I have never seen such a game with so much simple stuff yet so much addicting. This game is based on Physics, and the name of this game says it all that what we have to do to play this game. You have an Atomic particle swinging in a weird surface. In simple, you could define this game as a ball is attached to the end of the rope in a weird surface. There are some block shaped enemies that will attack you. You have to protect that ball from bock shaped enemies. All you have to is to use both of your thumbs. Touch left side of the screen to move your ball to rotate counter clockwise or tap on the right side of your Smartphone to move that ball to counter clockwise. That’s it. Defeat your high score again and again.

Things will get tough every single second as the enemy will attack you more as the time passes. So defeat your time again and again. You can play this game but can’t master it no matter what. I believe that this game will make a huge success in Google Play Store if some of the people get attention towards it. I also recommend you to play this game. It is totally free in Google Play Store and still if you can’t able to find it then download this game from the link given below. If you don’t know how to download any application manually then the guide is also given below. Still if you got any confusion then feel free to ask us in the comment box below. If you any other game with so much simplicity and fun, then feel free to tell us. I bet you that this is one of the simplest game I have ever played and it will amaze you as well.

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How to Install Atomic Swing Manually on Android Devices

  1. Download and save the Atomic Swing Apk anywhere on your smartphone or tablet
  2. On your device, navigate to Settings > Security
  3. Turn on Unknown Sources
  4. Now using any file explorer, navigate to the folder where you have put the Apk file
  5. Tap on it and click on install
  6. As soon as installation is done, you can open it directly from the “Open” button below or access it via App drawer

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