Reboot iPhone Without Power or Home Button iOS 7.1

There are times when you need to reboot your iPhone and The Power or home button is not working, Well there are few tricks that will allow you to reboot your iPhone without using the power button,If your Power or Home button has malfunctioned, it can be quite tricky for you to reboot your iPhone as you cant just pull out the battery of your iPhone, if there is any problem and the physical buttons are not working, Although the assistive touch has some features that can be useful in many matter that are needed to be handled with either the power button or the Lock button, But Even assistive touch doesn’t have the option to reboot your iPhone.

Reboot iPhone Without Power or Home Button iOS 7.1

There are few tricks that can prove helpful to reboot iPhone without Power or Home button, I have covered the two easy methods that will allow you to reboot yout iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without using the Power or Home button, These methods can be used if you want to reboot your device when your physical buttons are not working.

Reboot,iPhone,Power,Home,Button,iOS 7.1,working

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Reboot iPhone by Going Bold

First trick is to reboot iPhone by making the text bold, Making the text bold allows the short sighted people to easily read the small text,Well this feature is used by very few people and if you ever tried turning it on, you may remember that it initiates a full system reboot when you enable or disable it, This is one easy way to reboot your iPhone if your Power or Home button are not working.

Following are the few easy steps to turn on this Bold feature that will reboot your iPhone.

  • First of all head towards the SettingsReboot,iPhone,Power,Home,Button,iOS 7.1,working
  • Select General
  • Now you have to go to Accessibility
  • Move to Bold Text
  • Turn it On.
  • You will see an pop up saying, If you Apply this settings,Your iPhone will reboot
  • Tap on Continue
  • And your iPhone will go through a reboot.


Thats it, Its one of the easiest way to go through a reboot,The bold trick will is better as it doesnot makes you lose your settings of networks or anything when you do the reboot, the only affect is that your text will Either turn into Bold or it will get the same old again, depending on the times you perform this trick to reboot your iPhone without using Power or Home button.

Although Keep in Mind that this option is only present in iOS 7 and later, So if you are using any previous operating system that you would have to do the restart using the following method, Above method can not be implemented on the operating system prior to iOS 7.

Restart the iPhone By Factory restoring Wireless Settings

This method is quite common and you might know of this trick, In this trick all you have to do is to restore the factory setting of Networks and connection, It is used to fix the issues of your connectivity and your iPhone goes through a Reboot when you perform this mehod.

This Trick can be used in any iteration of iOS as it is available in all the versions of iOS. Following are the steps to go through the reboot.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Now move to General.
  3. Locate Reset
  4. Now select Reset Network Settings
  5. Now confirm to reboot the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

This was the other method to reboot iPhone without Power or Home Button in iOS 7.1, Although this method is quite easy and can be performed in any of the iOS device but the only downside of this trick is that you use all of your network settings that means after the reset you will have to enter the passwords of all the WiFi connections you want to use. So be ready to enter the complex passwords again if you use this trick.

Another thing is that Why are you having a difficulty when you want to reboot your iPhone, If this is technical or button fault then you should take it to AppleCare Repair service, If its iPhone 5 you might get the button repair for free as they have this offer named as Lock Button Replacement program. And if there is problem with Home button Use this guide to try to fix it.

I Hope the Above methods were helpful for you, If you still have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments.

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