2lines For Facebook 1.0.2 Apk – Use more than one account on same device

Using Smartphones in a daily life for daily purposes in one thing, doing something brilliant and fascinating is other. The beauty of an Android phone is doing something crazy that let your Smartphone work at its highest potential. When we hear the word highest potential in a Smartphone, we figure it out instantly that the person is talking about rooting a device. Yes rooting a device is kind of a beauty of a Smartphone that allows us to get full access over Smartphone.

With that we can do the impossible. We can customize the whole system of our Smartphone and can turn it to something different and amazing. There are some amazing rooted application that allows us to do something that cannot be done without root. This is why we have to root our devices and there is only one bad point about this rooting stuff is that rooting a device voids a warranty so make sure you know it when you decide to root your device for the very first time.

This article is about a rooted application which means you need to root your device to use this application we are going to discuss below otherwise it won’t work. No matter what you do even you try some rooting application, make sure you have created a backup and one of the best way to save your phone is using a Nandroid Backup. The application we are going to talk about is one of the best rooted app. 2lines for Facebook. It allows us to use 2 more accounts of Facebook in one Smartphone. Which means no need to download any other application for other account.

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You can use the official application of Facebook for more than one account. This application only need root access so make sure you have already rooted your Smartphone. Chorra Soft developed other brilliant rooted application that allows us to use more than one account in Viber and WhatsApp as well. This developer solved many problems by creating such a brilliant application. It is totally free and available in Google Play Store.


The best part of this application is that you can use it as a widget that allows us to change accounts whenever we want. Just open this application, add new account and after that use your Facebook application with the other account and if you want to use previous account, open this application and select the previous one and now your Facebook application will show you the previous account in it. You can add more than one account in it that means no need to worry and no need to download other applications use browsers if you have this application but all takes is rooting a device so make sure you have a rooted device before using this application.

This application will work in almost every rooted device and if you can’t able to find it or download it in Google Play Store, you can download it manually from the link given below. If you don’t know how to download any application manually, then the step by step guide is also given below. If you have anything to ask, feel free to ask in the comment box below and if you know any other better application like that, feel free to share it with us.

Download Link:

How to Install 2lines For Facebook from TechGlen

  1. Download Apk of this application from above
  2. Copy it to your Smartphone or tablet
  3. Open any File manager
  4. Locate this Apk file from that manager
  5. Open this Apk from your Smartphone/Tablet
  6. Now simply Install it

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