iPhone 6 Component leak,Believed to to Bring up Unique feature

As September is coming close, we are hearing about the leaks of iPhone, Day After another we see another leak about Apple’s next monster and most probably it will be called iPhone 6,today we  will talk about one alleged leak of iPhone 6’s internal specs, According to a well known Tech news agency GeekBar, iPhone 6 will have a Qualcomm MDM9625 LTE modem that will let it offer theoretical speeds of up to 150mbps (Category 4), rather than 300mbps (Category 6), an LTE speed certain Android devices already support.

That is very fast Indeed, for using 4G LTE as well as Wifi, With this speed the data transfer rate will be at whole new level. Adn it will put iPhone 6 in the lane of High speed internet smartphones.

You can see the alleged Modem picture below.

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One thing should be known that these maximum theoretical data speeds can only be achieved with LTE networks, Who actually provide such speed on LTE, There are few carriers who are looking forward to give their users this speed on LTE, as we know if the iphone 6 shows up with this LTE speed then the Carrier will actually have to work their way to provide such speed to their network users.In the near future we are hoping to see such network operators who will provide 300mbps on LTE


If you are familiar with tech and their components, You might have an idea that MDM9625 is an improvement over the MDM9616 which is already present inside the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s when it comes to LTE speeds,Now the latst model should provide better speed and performance and it should also take lower operating temperatures into Consideration.



Apple is expected to release iPhone 6 at an even that is supposed to be held on September 9.Although as nothing is from Apple the company itself So its too early to believe the things that are speculated around the world and media about the upcoming smartphone, and its too early to make an opinion about its specs, we just have to wait few more weeks then we should know what actually iPhone 6 has to offer.

If you have any news rumour or leak about iPhone 6, let us know in the comments, Also mention what are you expecting from this upcoming smartphone of Apple, While the world is anxiously waiting for it. Well all this wait will be over in like a month or so As it seems to be the time when Apple will release its new Smartphone.


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