How To Create Free Apple ID Without Credit Card

Well Having an Apple Device and not Having Apple ID is not Possible, Where as Having an Apple Device and not having a credit card is possible, As now almost every one has gadgets, even kids use iPads and iPhones, And For a layman to make Apple ID, it requires Credit Card, Where as there is a possible way one can make an Apple ID without Credit card, Which can be used for Downloading loads of Free games and App From iTunes and App Store. Apple’s App Store now has over million apps that are for every iOS user, But for exploring App store and downloading Apps, you have to have a Apple ID.

Update:This Guide is working on iTunes 12, And it can still be used to Create Free Apple ID Without Credit Card


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In this guide, I will show you how to make Free Apple ID without Credit card or Debit card details. While making Apple ID ,even if you enter your credit card or debit card details it wont charge you until you buy paid apps, as there is no Signing up fees, But still some people are very cautious about their credit cards Or Some people dont have a credit card (poor souls like me).

So here is the trick to Create Free Apple ID without credit card and debit card details:

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Open iTunes Store, its present at the top right corner, or in the taskbar along with Help and control.
  • Switch to the Apps section by Clicking App Store button (See the Pic below)


  • Now you can See alot of apps, Get to the section on free Apps, And on any free app Click on the Free Button as shown below in the picture.



  • Now you will be asked to sign in By iTunes, But there will be an option with it Create Apple ID. Click on it



  • Click on continue as shown in the picture above, it will redirect you to page, fill all your details and security questions and then proceed.
  • Now you will see the window like below in iTunes, it will give you options for payment of your Apps, If in future you are going to buy some apps, but there will be another option None, Click on it.

apple-id-no-credit-card (1)


  • Now You just have to complete other necessary steps and your Apple ID will be ready to use.
  • If in Future you want to enter the credit card details for buying an app, Just go to your Apple ID and select any Paid app, It will redirect you to the Payment method page, and from there you can enter your payment method details.

That is it, Very easy guide, Hoping that it will come in handy for you guys, If there is any problem Let me know in the comments.

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