Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung announced the highly anticipated device Galaxy Note 4 recently at the IFA unpacked event. Not only Note 4 was launched at this even. Samsung launched 3 other devices along with it. One of the most prominent and innovative devices launched along is the Galaxy Note Edge which is being called as the “special edition of Galaxy Note 4”. Note Edge features a 2 sided display panel which was shown as concept about one year ago by Samsung, named as Youm. It was rumoured since then that Samsung will introduce this display panel in Galaxy Note 4 this year. Samsung decided to launch two variants of Note 4 however. This is a safe move since the Note Edge is more like an experimental smartphone and it has its own upsides and downsides. Samsung has announced that it will be available in selected markets around the world. Read more about Galaxy Note Edge here.

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note Edge is a very tough competition since both of the devices offer same hardware technical specs under the hood. The main difference in these devices is based on the curved display introduced in Note Edge. This specific new feature makes this device stand out in the crowd of flagships and makes it the pioneer of a new genre of smartphones. First, we will take a look at both of these smartphones and compare theme visually. Then we will dive a bit deeper and look into the technical difference and what extra useful Note Edge has to offer.

note edge and note 4 front panel
Left: Galaxy Note 4 | Right: Galaxy Note Edge

note 4 front display with s pen

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note 4 back

note 4 colours note edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 looks pretty much similar to Note 4 however we see clear changes in Note Edge. With the curved display on the side, this phone sets a special place for itself in the flagships. This phone has a thin profile and looks quite sharp. At the back, both phones are built with same material and camera, speaker, flash and hear rate sensor are placed at same positions. The S-Pen is placed on the right side of the phone.

Now lets take a look at few technical differences in these smartphones. Both smartphones sport Quad HD plus Super AMOLED display panel. Galaxy Note 4 display panel is 5.7 inches and has a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels with 515 ppi. On the other hand, Note Edge display is sized at 5.6 inches, with resolution 1600 x 2560 pixels and 524 ppi. The extra 160 pixels are on the curved display on the right side. It makes the display of the Note Edge a bit sharper but it isnt noticeable. Both smartphones are powered by same Snapdragon 805 based Quad Core processor clocked at 2.5 GHz and 3 GB of RAM. Another difference is in the battery pack. Note 4 is powered by a 3220 mAh of battery while Note Edge is powered by 3000 mAh battery. Because of the curved display and some battery saving features, we expect almost same battery timing with both devices.

Galaxy Note Edge is known for its curved display and it certainly comes with some pretty cool features. It removes the tradition apps bar from the bottom of the screen as seen in every other Galaxy device. The UI used in this device is being called as Revolving UX. Users can slide through 7 different arrangements on the side display all of which can be customized by the user. The slides include productivity tools, time, alarm, apps, notifications and news ticker. It can be pretty useful in some situation like watching a video. Users can watch the vide on the full screen uninterrupted while the notification will appear on the curved display bright and clear. It can also be used as a camera controls panel which will make it look like you are using a dedicated camera. The camera shutter button will be placed on right of the curved display. It is optional. To make things more interesting, Samsung has released the SDK tools for this device so that developers around the world can add wonderful ideas to this device. More and more applications can be optimized for side curved display which will definitely make it more successful and exciting. We want to know what you think of these two devices? Is Samsung safe with the launch of Note Edge or it just another tech gimmick?

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