Galaxy Note Edge: Features and Specs

Today At IFA 2014 along with many other devices that were presented to the general public, Samsung  also announced two versions of their Note series smartphones,One of them is quite unique as it has curved screen from one side,Thus the Name, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is given to it.

Samsung Note Edge belongs to the Note family as its display screen size is 5.6 inch,The name also unfolds the story of this device as its first of its kind, A curved phablet,Samsung had to come up with something new to survive in this market,As their previous flagship of S series proved to be a big flop,Now all the hopes are from Note series,As I said first of Curved screen High-End smartphone,This is a very positive point to attract a lot of customers, as it will attract everyone to buy a curved screen smartphone and give it a try, From the looks the smartphone looks very alluring no doubt.


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If we give a thought to the rumors we have been listening from months,The next flagship of Samsung Note series was supposed to be have curved screen but the curve was expected to be on the 3 sides, But Samsung Note Edge is curved from the front side and the right side.

If you remember CES 2013, Samsung presented Samsung Youm prototype, After seeing it we were literally amazed by its beauty it was curved from three sides, But I think practically 3-sided curving was not implementable, The thing is we have never seen a device with curved screen before,But we are not quite sure hows the working experience with Note edge, As its curved from one side, So I wonder if it will be comfortable to gold it in hand, But Kudoos to Samsung for putting that prototype into a High End device named as Note edge, Very elegant look and we are quite sure it will attract attention of many smartphone lovers and All will give it a try once, At least I would do so for sure because Note edge is one hell of a beauty to carry.

Galaxy Note Edge Features:

The Internal hardware of and features of Galaxy Note edge is same as of Note 4, The Difference is physicality is that the folded sides adds additional 160 pixels to the Screen so it becomes 1,600 x 2,560, Its the record resolution of a device that is supposed to be kept in pocket as it makes Note edge wider than its twin brother Note 4.

Talking about the features of Galaxy Note Edge, The user interference is friendly and easy to use, As there is not much possible with the folded curve, As when you’re playing game of watching video the curved strip becomes the  sidebar for shortcuts, And the things that will be showed on it depends upon the app you’r using, In the camera or video app, the side bar will show all the settings of camera so those icons wont bother you while taking the picture.


The best feature of Galaxy Note Edge is that If you’re writing a email you get a call, The call wont take over your screen and you can keep or writing without even having to reject or accept the call, there are times when you choose to ignore a call and for that you have to stare at the screen of smartphone for minutes, but with this feature all your alerts either tweets or sports wont bother you while you’re doing something important, Although you will have a notification and you will know that you have got a notification but it wnt take over your screen.

Best thing about is that curved stripe is that even if you’re in any app you can set what you want to see there like notifications, weather info and stocks information, Now only one game is optimized for this UI of curved smartphone, But with time we will see how useful this side bar can be of , As it can be swiped up or down to see the setting and developers can code to make and change the order of things present in that side bar and tolls like timer,Stopwatch and flashlight are also present on that curved side bar of Note 4.


The stripe can be used to fetch the tools to customize your pictures you take , Although in pictures the curved side bar doesnot makes much of sense and use, But I am interested in what the develops will come up with and make the apps that can make use of this unique feature of Note Edge, As the curved screen is new of its kind, Many develops will be on it to make apps  and I am quite hopeful we will see alot of new apps that will make good use of this feature of Note Edge, Stuff like To-do lists and tweets and messages notification is expected to be showed in th curved panel of screen that will save your valuable space of screen and wont disturb you while you’re playing a game of watching a movie.

The best use of Curved stripe of Note Edge according to me is the Night clock,Well its a balck and white clock when your phone is locked and you’re going to sleep and Note edge is present on your side, you can just see the time without the need of picking it up and unlocking the phone, you can just watch the time while the phone is in its position, This is quite a handy feature of curved screen,This night watch is another great though of the developers of this smartphone which is increases the functional talents of Note Edge.


Another thing worth mentioning is that Samsung has equipped the curved sidebar of Note edge with the technology that the accidental contact with it does not creates a problem for you. Even if the phone is locked you can see the time and notifications on your phone, another great thing that will surely attract alot of architects and students is that the side bar is also equipped with a ruler, Sounds quite weird for a smartphone, isn’t it?


The Folded side of Note 4 also have other features like it can work as a app drawer in which ever app you’re and it can also be used for multitasking ans switching between the screens of different smartphones.

So no doubt that is unique characteristic of this smartphone will make a difference in the market which is concentrated with a lot of amazing smartphones with respect to software, features and hardware, but this Curved display makes Note edge stand out in front of them.

Galaxy Note Edge Specs

As I said before Galaxy Note is fixed with everything Note 4 has, Apart from the curved screen that makes it looks larger than the note 4 although Note Edge is Actually slightly smaller than Note 4.


Thing worth noticing is that just a bit of innovation and introducing a sliding screen on one side can make a lot of difference and make Note edge stand out in the concentrated market of phablets and smartphones,While unveiling of Note Edge the Samsung representative said that curved side bar is separate entity of glass fixed with the screen, but its all smooth you wont even know those are two screens.

Samsung  has given the software development of kit of android access to build apps for the curved display of Note edge.

Following are the specs of Note Edge

  • 2.7 GHz Quad-Core
  • 5.6 inches (141.9mm) Quad HD+ Suiper AMOLED (2560 x 1440)
  • Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  • 16 Megapixel Reat camera with Auto Focus and Smart OIS
  • Front camera is of 3.7 Megapixel
  • Two models with 32 or 64 GB internal and microSD slot.
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Dimensions of Note edge are 151.3 x 82.4 x 8.3 mm
  • Weight of Note edge is just 174 grams
  • Adreno 420 (SM-N910S)
  • Battery is of 3000mAh

This is all about Galaxy Note 4, Let us know what do you think about this smartphone in the comments and how much difference it will make in the market and who is going to try this beauty?


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