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Camera is the part of a new era. Everyone wants a perfect camera and everything else so if you put that all together we came to a conclusion that Smartphones are best for any type of purposes. Smartphone cameras are not so much good compare to the original DSLR camera but still they are worth spending your money as they can do all the other stuff like you can stay in connected with the whole world. If you love to take pictures there is no doubt you want to edit those pictures as well, not always but sometimes.

This is the reason where Smartphones are taking its lead. You can customize anything you want and if you love to do photography, you don’t need any software for your computer to do that, neither you want any online editor once you downloaded some brilliant editing applications for your Smartphone. Every type of filers, texts, frames, stickers and effects are available if you visit Google Play Store and search for some fine editors.

I recently find a new editor that is extremely a new thing for a Smartphone. It’s like a using your thoughts and fantasy in your photos. Fragment transforms your photos into extremely creative and artistic look that you can’t even imagine. You have countless different effects to change your photo into a really nice way. Those effects will redefine and enhance your precious photos. This editor is not so good for almost every purpose, but if you are looking for a fine effects and definitely a creative way to define your photos, this editor will rule the way ahead for you.

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This application will work in Android OS 4.0.3 or above and its size is approximately 5 MB only. It is paid application and is available in Google Play Store. This application is worth downloading if you have an artistic hand and mind. Best part of this application is its prism effects, you can have plenty of different and cool looking prism shaped effects in your photos, and you can edit their location and effects as well.


This application is simple, download it from Google Play Store, now if you open it, you have three options, photo, camera and inspiration. If you want to take fresh photos, open camera. If you have a photo that you want to edit, open photo area and select a photo you want to edit.

In the start, I was so much confused on how to manage these effects on any photo. Well inspiration area is best to understand these effects, open that area to see some cool and brilliant ideas for editing and believe me it will make your day as there are so much cool ideas out there.

What do you think about this application? Is this worth spending your money? Share your thoughts and reviews about this wonderful application and if you know any other cool application like this one, feel free to share it with us because sharing is caring. If you can’t able to find this application in Google Play Store, here is the link given below to help you out.

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