How to Fix Nexus 4 Power Button or Volume Button

Nexus 4 offered the specs of worlds best smartphones at that time with the price tag which was almost half as compared to best phones in the market, We had an idea that the material used might be of low quality, But the first issue in my Nexus occurred after a year, And by then the its price was compensated by the use of over one year, The Problem was power button, It didnt used to work, But I fixed it my self using the following method, I hope this guide help you guys aswell.

This guide below is for replacing the power button, but the volume button can be replaced by using the same method.

Update:We are proud to tell you that this guide has helped hundreds of users who wanted to fix Nexus 4 Power button or Volume button

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Software Solutions

From Playstore you can get Apps Either free or paid , that can help switching on and off the smartphone, But those apps use battery even if the smartphone is off.

If you use a custom ROM such as Pure Speed X, you may have a Volume Wake option that can allow you to wake up the phone using the volume buttons.

Although some of the software workarounds may work well as long as the phone is up and running, imagine not being able to power up the phone after a low-battery shutdown then recharge.  That is going to be a problem if you ask me, so getting the hardware fixed is important.

Things required to fix Nexus 4 Power Button or Volume Button

  • Very small screwdriver
  • Nexus 4 power (or volume) button switch / circuit board (Not the Plastic button but the internal circuit of button)
  • SIM tray opener or Needle


If you can obtain warranty service for free or very little money, do it.

For the repair guide below, depending on where you purchased the above items from, buying everything may not be much cheaper than getting it repaired by a shop.  However, repairing it by yourself has the advantage of data privacy and being able to do additional repairs in the future for less money.  With the original button failed only after 6 months, I’ll not be surprised if I have to repair it again in the future.

The power button costs about US$ 6-10 plus shipping.  The costs may vary place to place.

Steps to Replace Power Button or Volume Button of Nexus 4

  • Make sure the Nexus 4 has enough battery remaining, then shut it down.
  • Remove the SIM tray using the opener first, otherwise it’ll be damaged when you open up the Nexus 4 (MUST)
  • Remove the small Screws from the bottom of the Nexus. 
  • Watch the tutorial below , it will guide you on how to open A Nexus 4, The Method is bit technical , Be very careful not to ruin the functioning of smartphone.

  • Remove the 9 screws on the plastic cover, then take the cover off.

  • On top of the battery there are two screws securing the ribbon cable.  Remove these two screws.

  • Gently pry off the ribbon cable (although the photo still shows the plastic cover, you should have removed the plastic cover by now)

  • Gently pry up the main circuit board a little at the location of the power button switch, so that you can remove the button switch circuit board use small pointy screw driver.
  • Use a contact cleaner or alcohol to clean the metal contacts of the main circuit board that touches the power (or volume) button, and clean the metal contacts of the replacement button.
  • Install the replacement button, so that metal contacts of the button touch the main circuit board.
  • Insert the battery ribbon cable back to the main circuit board.
  • Before reassembling everything, power on the Nexus 4 using the newly installed power (or volume) button and make sure it works as expected.  You may need to hold the main circuit board in place by a finger.
  • Shut down the Nexus 4.
  • Reassemble everything, then reinsert the SIM tray together with the micro-SIM.

Hope this guide will Help you to replace /  Fix Nexus 4 power button or Volume button. Let us know in the comments if it was helpful.

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  1. Thanks, QPac. Your advice really helped. Fixed my power button! I did another measure where I used a pencil tip and rubbed it over the metal surfaces.

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