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We all live in an era of a Smartphones. Every year new Smartphones are launched and no doubt that every year is a full of adventure and fun for a Smartphone user. One of the best OS we can ever have is an Android as it helps you do anything you want. Android phones are pretty good but I don’t really like the battery problem in it. Some of the Smartphone consumes so much battery that it is discouraging for a user who is really addicted to it.

I recently bought LG G3 and it is a pretty amazing phone. Everything about this phone but the battery is not good at all. There is no complaining about it as it offers us QHD display. We have to lose something to gain another thing.

But as you have an open OS also known as Android, you can do anything with it. If you are facing any battery issue, first of all restart your Smartphone because sometimes there are apps running in background that cause our Smartphone to lose its battery faster. If you think some apps are culprit then do restart your phone to make sure that what really you are facing.

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If background application is not an issue, there is a new application in town that let you save lot of juice. The name of that mighty application is Deep Sleep Battery Saver. This application not just save the battery of your Smartphone, but it also changes the way of how an ordinary person thinks about any battery saving application.

The basic reply of an Android user about battery saving application is that what a waste of time. It will waste more juice of my Smartphone. They say things like that without even trying any of it. This application will totally change their mind because this app will take any Android user to a whole new level.

This application will work for a root user but a non-root user can also enjoy it. I better recommend you to root your device if you want to do better with your battery. There is a no big science behind deep sleep battery saver application. The concept is pretty simple and easy to understand.


It turns your Smartphone to a deep sleep mode. Any application that runs in background or anything happening when you are not using your Smartphone will be in a deep sleep mode. It helps to save a lot of juice of any Smartphone. You can set its limit according to your need. For example if you choose strong mode, your Smartphone will wake up every 45 minutes for 1 minute. It will help you to get in touch with Facebook or any other social app or mail you are using in your Smartphone.

This way you can save lot of your battery. There is some other option as well like it can kill running application. What do you think about this application? Do you think this application is worth trying? Please do tell that what you think that this application will work best for a rooted device or a non-rooted device? Share your thoughts and review with us in the comment box below.

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How to download and Deep Sleep Battery Saver from TechGlen

  1. Download Apk of this application from above.
  2. Copy it to your Smartphone or tablet.
  3. Open any File manager[ES File Explorer].
  4. Locate this Apk file from that manager.
  5. Open this Apk from your Smartphone/Tablet.
  6. Now simply install it.

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