Nexus 9 Rumours Roundup

As the Fall of year comes near, Rumours about upcoming device of Google starts pumping in, Its been quite some time we have been talking about the tablet device of Google, And now it seems its just round the corner and it will be released in a month or so.

Now Whos is going to make this device for Google and Nexus? ;This time the rumours hold that HTC is behind the tablet of Nexus that will be called as Nexus 9 most probably.

HTC is out of Tablet league from quite sometime now last tablet they produced was The Flyer, And it wasnt much sucessful, But now it looks like HTC is ready to give another shot in the Tablets market.

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We will be talking about everything we know About Nexus 9 under the following headings.


Nexus 9 Name

As we know that before the release of any device, the workers only know the codename, Not the orignal name, So it is said that Nexus 9 is being worked out in the company with the name of “Volantis” , There is another name that we have heard of that is “Flounder”. The name is still expected to be the same as the screen size is , Like Nexus 9.

As said its just a rumour the actual name cant be predicted until the device is released, The name can be based upon the Screen size or it can be something else, We cant say anything as of yet.

Nexus 9 Design

Talking about the leaks of Design, From the leaked picture it looks like the Nexus 9 will be of approximately 9 inch and it will be very much like iPad from the front and from the back side it will look like Nexus 5, The style will be most probably the same as of previous flagships of Nexus tablet series.

In the report about leaked information of Nexus 9, It is said that Nexus 9 will have Zero Gap Aluminum construction, and the front speakers are not much visible, But in HTC devices the fron tspeakers are quite obvious so I guess we will see it somewhere in the design.

Talking about the dimensions, Nexus 9 is said to be 7.9mm thick, its weight is 14.7 ounces.The weight of device is same as Sony’s 10.1-inch Xperia Z2. Of course. The actual thing will be decided when you will hold it in your hands.


Nexus 9 Specs

According to the latest report Nexus 9 will carry the specs of NVDIA’s Specs and it will have new tegra K1 chip, Its the same chip that is behind the great speed of NVIDIA Shield tablet.

About the Screen ratio, It is Said That Nexus 9 will have 4:3 screen ratio wih 9 inch screen as the name indicates, The resolution is said to be  of 2048 x 1440, 281 PPI. This is lower than iPad Retina Display, Just slightly lower than it.Rest of the Specs; Following are expected:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB or 32GB of storage Models
  • 3MP front camera
  • 8MP rear Equipped with OIS.
  • LTE data connection is also expected..

This is Very much like the NVIDIA Shield specs, So it can be said, Nexus 9 will be packed with Shield Specs.

Nexus 9 Price

Talking about the Price, It is said that Nexus 9 will be of$400 (16GB Wi-Fi model), and $500 (32GB cousin). Thats alot more than the last Nexus tablet that was nexus 7 and it cost was just $230. But looking at the specs and size, above mentioned rates seems suitable, Nut we never know As Google and Nexus are reknown for producing high quailty stuff at cheap cost, we might be surprised with Nexus 9 price tag.

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