Setup as New iPhone From iTunes Without Losing Contacts and Messages

When you get a new iPhone and Connect it with iTunes, It gives you two options Either you can restore your previous data using the backup, Or you can start using your iPhone as a New iPhone, If you restore the backup of someother iPhone onto your new iPhone, You will get exactly the same data as it was in your Previous iPhone, And if you start your iPhone as a new iPhone you wont have your previous data including contacts and messages.

Moving Forward, If you have just got a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and you need to restore your contacts and Messages from old iPhone other than that you need nothing, No transfer of Pictures and Videos, All the other stuff is unnecessary. It is Possible through few ways,In Android you can just export your contacts into a file and save it somewhere else, and for messages, there is an app that allows you to store all the messages and after the factory reset of your iPhone you can retrieve all that data by installing the app again and then restoring your messages.


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 Setup as New iPhone From iTunes Without Losing Contacts and Messages

Moving on to the guide on how you can setup as New iPhone from iTunes without losing Contacts and Messages, There is a very easy way to perform this  trick.


One way is through your gmail or any email account, The contacts synced with your email account will from the previous account will get into your new iPhone when you will login with that Email address. same is with the notes, But messages wont get transferred using this technique.

  • For Moving your Messages and Contacts from old iPhone to New iPhone, First of all you have to delete all the stuff present in our Old iPhone, All the pictures, Videos and Data, Just leave the Messages and Contacts.
  • Now open iTunes, Make a Backup of your Old iPhone on your Laptop or PC.
  • Now Connect your New Device and Restore that Backup onto your New Device.
  • Now your New iPhone will have the contacts and Messages of your Old iPhone.

This is a simple way to Setup as New iPhone From iTunes Without Losing Contacts and Messages, If you have any issue or problem regarding this guide let me know in the comments, Or if you know some other way as well do let me know.

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