Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat on N7000 Galaxty Note with CM 11 Custom ROM

CyanogenMod is a free firmware, built for different device, for the purpose of adding the stock Android capabilities on these devices. It is being used on a larger number of devices, and that is why it is one of the most renowned custom ROM available. The latest Android version, 4.4.4 KitKat can now be installed on Galaxy Note N7000 using the CM 11 (CyangenMod 11) custom ROM. It is the official build of CyanogenMod 11. It does contain any mods or modified files. Therefore, it will work exactly as the original CM would.

At the time of writing, CM 11 nightlyly builds are available for Galaxy Note only. These are pre-release versions and contain some bugs. The number of bugs and nature of bugs is usually unknown and these are fixed with future updates. When all the bugs will be fixed, it will be called a stable version. Flashing this custom ROM is recommended for only those users who can handle some advanced Android related stuff. NO gaurantees comes with a nightly build, therefore it might not suitable as a daily driver.

It is based on stock Android and only contains the application by CM community, which are added by default in all CM based ROMs. It does not contain the Google applications, which can be installed later on. The method for installing Google apps along with the ROM is explained in this guide. To update N7000 to KitKat using CM 11, follow this guide word by word. If you fail to follow all the instructions, then the installation might end up in number of errors.

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galaxy note cm 11 Andorid 4.4.4 KitKat

Below are listed some of the requirement for the installation of this custom ROM on GT-N7000. Go through all the requirements before starting the installation process. This way you will not lose any data or do any damage to your device.


To install this custom ROM on your device, make sure that you choose the right device first. Since there are number of variants for the same device, it is possible that you might notice it right away. So the first thing that needs to be done before heading over to flashing process, is to check the device’s model number.

This CyanogenMod 11 (CM 11) update guide is for Galaxy Note N7000 Only!

This guide is for installing Android 4.4.4 KitKat on N7000. The model number of this devices can be verified by opening the Settings app. Then open the About Phone tab. There you will see the device’s model number. If it is anything other than N7000, then do not follow this guide.

The installation process involves installation of a new Android version and therefore it is going to be a bit lengthy process. Before starting the flashing process, make sure that the phone is charged over 50% so that it does not accidentally turns off. If it turns off  in the middle of installation, then it can do some damage to the device. Make sure that you phone is charged and good to go before starting.

Installing Android 4.4.4 custom ROM on Galaxty Note is going to wipe all the installed applications, contacts and rest of the files stored on the device. It is highly recommended that you make a backup of all the important data stored on the internal memory of the device before installing this custom ROM. To make a backup of contacts and messages, follow this guide.

To make a backup of current ROM, whether stock or custom, users can make a Nandroid backup. It will save everything in the OS in the recoverable state. If the users want to restore device to the point before installation of this custom ROM, then Nandroid backup can be used. It can be used only if a custom recovery is installed. Use this guide to make a Nandroid backup on your device. If there is no custom recovery installed on the device yet, then follow this guide to install CWM.

If the phone is rooted and users want to make a backup of applications along with their data files, the use this guide. The advantage of this method is that save files of any game is stored. It can be as good as a Nandroid backup and it can be used to restore full or selected parts of the ROM. Another advantage is that users can restore applications backed up in one ROM, in another ROM. It means that users can easily transfer applications from one ROM to another, given it is stock or custom. It works with both.

Samsung Galaxy Note users must also make a backup of EFS before installing any custom ROM. Loss of this file can lead to loss of network signals and phone might not receive any calls or text messages. To avoid this, make a backup of EFS using this guide.

To be able to install this ROM, computer is not required. It will be done directly from the mobile itself. To install it, a custom recovery is required. Not all custom recoveries are able to install KitKat based on ROMs on different devices. If you have not installed a custom recovery on your device yet, or if it is outdated one, then used the following Philz Touch CWM Advanced Edition.

How to Install Philz Touch CWM Advanced Edition on Galaxy Note N7000

These are all the pre-cautions are requirements for the installation of CM 11 ROM on Note. Just follow the guide given below now. Make sure that you do not miss any step or it can cause some kind of problem with the device.


Remember that all processes like rooting, flashing and manual updating are custom methods. They have no concern with Google or mobile manufacturer. Follow every step carefully to avoid any mishap. Owner of site will not be held responsible in case of any mishap. Do it at your own risk. Rooting and flashing custom ROMs will also void warranty.

Guide to Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat CM 11 on Galaxy Note GT-N7000

  • Download ROM build for from here
  • Place the zip file in the internal of external memory of your device
  • Now turn off the device
  • Once it is completely turned off, head over to next step
  • Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons
  • Do not leave the buttons until you see the CWM screen
  • Once CWM is fully loaded, tap on Install
  • Now navigate to the folder where that zip file is placed
  • Tap on the file and confirm its installation
  • Once installation is completed, go to main menu and do a factory data reset
  • Also wipe cache and dalvik cache
  • Now again go to main menu and reboot the device
  • First boot up is going to take few extra minutes
  • Once booted, give it a minute to settle down and then you’re good to go!
  • If you want to install Google applications on the device as well, the download Gapps from here (CM 11 Gapps)
  • Once downloaded, install it in the same way ROM was installed but this time, there is no need to wipe anything or factory reset
  • Just install Gapps and reboot the device

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