HTC’s Nexus 9 Appears To Have Passed Through The FCC

As we are moving towards November the Leaks and rumours about Next Nexus tablet the successor of Nexus 7 are in the news,There is a pile of rumours about it, You can read them here. You might of heard different names like Volantis , Shamu and Flounder assigned to the upcoming tablet of Nexus, These are the names that are alleged to them by the workers whoa re working on to producing it, the real name still resides with higher authorities and it is top secret and will only be disclosed at the official unveiling of the device.

The thing that has erupted recently is the FCC report of HTC’s Google Nexus 9 Tablet, It looks like Nexus 9 has passed the FCC for certification, As the questioned document was leaked yesterday, The device that has passed the FCC is oP82100, And it is alleged to be of HTC’s Nexus 9.

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While giving a through read to the document it specifies that it is indeed from HTC corporation and it is dated as June 23rd, 2014, The document is classified so is the Device which is a Tablet.

The first prototypes were sent of FCC in the start of this year and it has some samples with it, As that was the time one of few very first rumours about this Google working with HTC for their next tablet erupted.

The thing worth looking is that the DTS report speifiecs that there are two models on of 16GB and other is of 32GB which are sent for FCC testing, It is the same Data size Nexus 9 is expected to be of The report further mentions Bluetooth, NFC, and 802.11ac connectivity.


If you want to look into the FCC documents for closer look click in the source link.

HTC’s Nexus 9 is expected in a week or two, Reports says that It might be released on Octuber 15th or The first week of November, Then we will knoe the true face of HTC and Google Colaboaration as Google is reknowned for making good tablets whereas HTC has always disappointed when it comes to producing Tablets.

If you have any other news regarding HTC Nexus 9, Do let us know in the comments, Any new or runours worth sharing hit us up.

Source: FCC via Blog of Mobile

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