Apple KeyNote event on 16th October; iPad and iMac Expected

We are hearing from weeks now that Apple is going to organise an event to launch their new products, Its official now, Apple has announced that next week on 16th October there will be a event named as Keynote that would be held in Cupertino Campus Town hall Auditorium, And In that event we are expecting that Apple is going to announce some new devices, We dont know if there would be live streaming of that Event, If there will be live streaming We will let you know.

On that even we are expecting number of new devices from Apple including Next generation iPad and iMacs, We can also see new iPod touch as well, This time we are looking towards more fast iPad and it will have new features like Touch ID and Gold Colour, We have also heard that this time iPad will have Aluminum Chassis.


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Talking about iMacs that are also expected to be released in that Event the enhancement that is expected in iMacs is that it will have new high resolution retina displays and that will make it the first desktop Mac that will have retina display, the event is being anticipated a lot by the Apple users and its just a week later, We are looking forward for some amazing new enhancements and Devices by Apple, Recently Apple has released their latest operating system iOS 8 and Along with that Two new Smartphones are also released, One of them falls in the category of Phablets that has 5.5 inch screen And it is named as iPhone Plus.

The new operating system for Apple Macs and iMacs is also expected to be released to public in that event, the new operating system is named  as OS X Yosemite . The next version of Mac OS X features quite exciting user interface and a number of new features, and is currently under validation tests. Considering the event is next week, the latest developer build version as GM 2.0 may wind up being the final version.


Finally, there is some speculation (or perhaps just hope) that the Mac Mini lineup could receive an overhaul on the same date. Additionally, there are rumours that another device with Retina capable MacBook with a 12″ display, and separately, longstanding talk of a Retina capable external Thunderbolt display, though few anticipate either to debut on October 16. And iOS 8.1, which is currently versioned at beta 2 and scheduled to launch sometime this month, will probably not be released on that day.

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