How to track Distance covered using Health App

As we all know Apple has introduced Health App on their Every phone running on iOs 8, It is a great step as it will ensure a healthy lifestyle for all the users,But at the moment this app seem to be incapable to give out its full potential in all the iPhone prior to iPhone 6 as they lack the sensors that are required by this app, But for the new iPhone this app can be really very helpful as it allows you to track  distance covered as well as the number of foot steps during walk and if stairs are being climbed all that moment is noted by this app. Thus giving you reports about the number of calories burned during each day.

How to,track,Distance,covered,Health App

The app has the Ability to keep track of all the activity carried out each day, But you also need to enable the features as well, After enabling all the reports will be available on dashboard, But All this is available in the latest iPhone, The previous iPhone lack the Pedometer that has motion tracking chip that has ability to detect elevation as well.

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To have the best of this App you will have to Have iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus although iPhone 5s also has Motion coprocessor

How to Turn Your iPhone into a Pedometer and Walking Distance Tracker

  • First of All, Open Health app and go to the “Health Data” tab
  • Now select Fitness and enable the three currently functional sections:
    • Select Walking + Running Distance” and flip the switch for “Show On Dashboard” to the ON position
    • Choose Steps and Change  “Show On Dashboard” to On.
    • Go to Flights Climbed & turn on “Show On Dashboard”
  • Selct the Dashboard tab in Health app to see the three functions and their respective charts

After all of the above steps the pedometer and distance movement functions are enabled, Now you can see the change in statistics while moving around.

How to,track,Distance,covered,Health App

Counting of steps by this Health App is very accurate with an iPhone, It doesnot matter if its in your Pocket or in hard or in a bag, The mileage and steps calculation is very accurate, There is another option of frighted climbs that uses air pressure sensors that are already present inside the iPhone which are able to detect the change in the latitude, Each flight is equal to one story of house and it takes relative assumption of height and gives you best results on the inclines and declines of height.

If you are not happy with Health app and you dont want to keep a track of your fitness and activity level, You have to just ignore the app as its one of the stock App of iOS 8 and there is no way to delete it although there are other options like moving it inside the folder ot using restriction to make the icon Disappear from the Home screen.

It should be noted that this Health App and the sensors that are running in the background have no notable affect on battery performance, which is great thing for Smartphone users as battery issue is still one of the biggest issues of iPhone

How to,track,Distance,covered,Health App

If you have used this App on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, Do give us feedback About the health app of Apple, and are you satisfied with this new addition of Apple in their operating system, Or if you have any problem regarding the use and enabling of features of Health app, Let me know in the comments, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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