Nexus 6 outperforms iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, and HTC One M8 in benchmark test

We are looking forward to Motorola Built Nexus 6, Which is expected to be released very soong now, We recently saw its Benchmark test on GeekBench and its scores outcasts almost every Android Smartphone.

It was not long ago when Motorola was considered to be one of the best companies to Produce Smartphones, It jumped early into market of smartphones that showed that the company saw the future of mobile computing in smartphones.


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Back in November 2009, the Company Motorola got a break when Verizon selected them to make a Smartphone named as droid that could go head to head with Apple’s iPhones

When Samsung and HTC gained their market, Motorola was struggling. In May 2012, Google announced that it had acquired Motorola and its future suddenly seemed brighter than ever. However, whether it was disappointing sales of the overly-hyped Moto X, or for other reasons, Google announced in January 2014 that it had sold Motorola to Lenovo.


Motorola is now selected by google to build its upcoming Nexus 6. The smartphone leaked with a codename of Shamu in July and images of the phablet’s rear case leaked in September. The 5.9-inch phablet has made an appearance on GeekBench as “Nexus X Shamu” and Motorola Shamu. The smartphone scored some very impressive numbers, in some cases topping Apple’s new iPhone 6 and every one of its rivals in another test.

The Nexus 6 performed extremely well and in some cases it beat Apple’s new iPhone 6. The 5.9-inch Android L phablet outperformed the iPhone 6 and its Android rivals, like the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 3, and HTC One M8. The Nexus 6 posted scores well above top-of-the-line Android smartphones, and in some cases outscored them them considerably in multicore tests.

Nothing yt can be said about the credibility of these scores, But if these scores are true Nexus is palnning to give a hard time to Samsung and Apple in the market with their big sized smartphone when it’s released later this month or early November.


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