Download Google Play Services 6.1.71 Apk

Google Play Services play the most important role in the Android powered smartphones. Almost all of the applications, provided by Google, depend on the Play Services to work and act properly. It contains APIs, which means that it also affects the UI of these applications. Having older version of Google Play Services, some apps might refuse to start and users will be asked to update the Google PLay Services to make these applications work once again.

What this means is that, even if you have Google apps like GMail, Play Store, Contacts Sync and Calender sync installed and Play Services are not installed, then these application will refuse to work on your device. Moreover, using an older version or invalid version of Play services is going to get the apps work improperly and ultimately crashing. Use of a wrong version can also lead to huge battery drain problems. This problem was found in several KitKat powered devices, which was fixed later on.

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The latest version of Google Play Services is This version will not work on Android L preview because of API conflicts. It can be installed on a device running Android L but it will not work properly. There will be many UI flaws here and there and many applications may crash altogether. Therefore, use this version of Google Play Services on non-Android L devices for now.

There is no official Changelog available for the new Google Play Services but few changes are noticeable. There are some Android L like animations and layout changes in applications. On the surface, nothing looks much changed in this version. The UI is certain applications has definitely changed. Another change is in the Google Settings icon.

Important: To download and install the correct version of Google Play Services on your device, you will have to check something on your end first. Open Application Manager inside settings app. Now search for Google Play Services in the list of application. Open it and see the build number/version of currently installed Play Services. Memorize the last three digits of the build number which might be 034 or 038. These are tailored versions of Play Services for various types of devices.

If the last three digits are 038, download from below given link:

Google Play Services 6.1.71 – 038 Apk

If last three digits are 034, download from the given link:

Google Play Services 6.1.71 – 034 Apk

Note: There are other types as well, besides 034 and 038. As soon as those will be made available, those will be added in this post.

After downloading the apk file, turn on the Unknown Sources Option in the Settings>Security. After that, using any file explorer, navigate to the folder where that apk is placed and tap on it. Continue with the installation. It will merely update the Google Play Services therefore it will not ask for any new permissions. Once installation is done, tap on done.

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