Download Google Play Store 5 (5.0.31) Apk

The latest update to the Google Play Store has updated it from the version 4.9 to 5. It is major update and the exact build number for current version of Play Store is 5.0.31. The Google Play Store 5 is slowly being seeded to the Android users. It is based on Android L Material design. The first change that will be noticed is that Android material design based logo of Play Store. Other changes include the UI changes inside the application.

The animations and tabs are more Android L like in this update. It is clear that Google is planning to introduce the new version of Android along with Nexus 6 anytime now; therefore, it is updating the first party applications to keep up with the updates. This version of Play Store might not be compatible with the Android L preview ROM.

google play store 5.0.31 apk

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Although Google has started updating Play Store on Android devices but it has not reached all the users yet. If you are one if those, who have not received the update yet, then you can download the Apk from the link given below and sideload it on your device. It is the stock Apk and it will merely update the current application. Therefore, no separate requirements will be asked. Users might need to enable installation from unknown sources to sideload the Apk. To enable Unknown Sources, open Settings and then tap on the security tab. Scroll down and you’ll find the unknown sources option. Tick this option and then move on with the installation.


To install Google Play Store 5 (5.0.31) Apk on your Android device, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download Play Store 5.0.31 Apk from here
  2. Copy it to phone’s internal or external memory
  3. Now come to your phone and open any file explorer
  4. Using the file explorer, navigate to the folder where the downloaded apk is placed
  5. Tap on the apk and click on Install
  6. The Play Store 5 will be installed in few seconds
  7. If you do not want to install the apk using mobile, and directly from the PC, the use this guide
  8. Once done, head over to the app drawer and checkout the new logo
  9. That’s it! Enjoy

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