Download Xperia Z3 Launcher 7.0.A.0.14 Apk For All Devices Running Android 4.2+

Sony Xperia Z3 is the latest addition to the Xperia Z flagship lineup. Apart from impressive battery benchmarks, the major changes introduced in this device are UI changes. The UI of Xperia Z3 is more oriented towards Android material design in Android L. Sony is the probably the first OEM to adopt material design in the latest firmware. It looks both neat and impressive.

The system dump of Xperia Z3 was made available few days ago, which opened gates for porting of applications of Xperia Z3. The latest version of Xperia Home launcher is 7.0.A.0.14. The Xperia Z3 Launcher 7.0.A.0.14 Apk is available for download for both Xperia and non-Xperia devices. The porting of this application has been made possible by Sahaab who is an XDA developer. The major breakthrough here is that, it is not only ported to the older Xperia devices but it can be used on many non-Xperia devices as well.

Xperia Z3 Launcher 7.0.A.0.14 apk

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How many non-Xperia devices support this launcher completely is not known yet. You can test it and let us know. This launcher works with both rooted and non-rooted devices. In addition to home launcher, few widgets and live wallpapers have also been ported. Since it is a port, users must expect some bugs and also expect fixes. Few fixes have been released already and users experiencing similar problems should try those fixes.

To install Xperia Z3 Home Launcher 7.0.A.0.14 Apk, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download the appropriate Launcher Apk from developer’s thread
  2. Copy the Apk to phone’s internal or external memory
  3. Now remove Home.apk from System/app in phone’s root directory
  4. If not accessible, then install the downloaded apk normally
  5. Doing so might not add some of the features
  6. You can download Apk with no navigation bar as well
  7. Those experiencing problems with FC’s and xhdpi layout, should try the given fixes instead
  8. After installing Home.apk, clear or wipe its data from application manager
  9. That’s all!

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