How to Lock Any Application In Galaxy S5 With Fingerprint Security

Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s first phone to introduce the fingerprint security. The biometric security measures have been applied in number of devices before but none has been as good as this one. It is very well implemented and much secure. The best thing about a fingerprint security is that it is pretty secure and saves a lot of time taken while unlocking the device. Most commonly used unlock methods are PIN and password. Both of these methods take too long and can be easily stolen.

By default, fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S5 can only be used to unlock the device, verify Samsung account and issue PayPal payments. Almost all Galaxy S5 users wish that the fingerprint scanner should be used to lock other applications as well. Samsung currently has no plans to introduce fingerprint lock for third-party applications.

An Android developer has introduced a simple application, which used the fingerprint scanner of Galaxy S5 to lock any application installed on the smartphone. It includes both system and third-party applications. FingerSecurity is currently in its early stages of development and developer ask us to expect some bugs, but We didn’t encounter any bugs yet. It might be delayed in applying the lock sometimes, by which I mean only 1 or 2 seconds.

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This application is currently tested and found to be working with Galaxy S5. It might or might not work on other Android devices with fingerprint scanner. This application has some more useful features in addition to the lock. Users can add a certain location as home, so that they do not have to unlock those applications when they are at home. It is one of the most useful features, since it saves a lot of time consumed while opening the same chat application again and again at home. Other features include customised themes, custom settings per application, and protection of notifications. It is a premium feature and you will have to pay to get this feature working for you.

fingersecurity fingersecurity 2

In the custom settings per app, users can enable or disable the alternative password for that application. Users can also add the timeout so that you can reopen the application immediately after closing it. No need to swipe home key again and again. Another interesting setting is for hiding interface. When an application is locked, and it is opened, it shows the swiping animation. It can be hid with this option. The advanced security option should be avoided with current version, as it may crash the phone. Instead lock the Settings app manually. Themes and Location Settings are premium services as well. Users will have to buy all three option separately via in-app purchases. The location-based service is basically used to check and uncheck Wifi routers that are used at home or work. It does not use the exact location. The paid themes change the interface of the fingerprint slider animation. Few are pre-installed. Users can download new themes from the link provided within the application.

fingersecurity settings

To keep the service seamless, turn on the notification icon. It will keep the service alive and it shouldn’t be closed in the background. This is the first stage of this application and it works pretty well. This application does not require root access. Users with a Galaxy S5 can install it just like any other application. Download FingerSecurity from Play Store directly to the device. Those who do not have access to Play Store can download the FingerSecurity Apk from here. After downloading the application, copy it to the phone’s internal or external memory. Now turn on Unknown Sources in Settings>Security. After that, using any file explorer, navigate to the folder where the downloaded apk is placed. Tap on it and proceed with the installation. Once done, you can set the application afterwards.

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