Update Xperia J ST26i and ST26a to 4.4.2 KitKat with CM 11 Custom ROM

Sony Xperia J is a mid range smartphone. It is powered by a single core processor and it is supported by 512 MB of RAM. It has a 4.0 inches display panel with 480p resolution. Xperia J is launched with Android 4.0.4 ICS out of the box and later updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Sony has ceased anymore updates for this device. However, the developer community has not stopped developing for this device. The latest Android OS version at the moment is KitKat. It is also made available for Xperia J ST26i and ST26a.

The KitKat OS offers fluidity and better RAM management which can enhance the performance of any device significantly. Moreover, it is more battery friendly. Xperia J will be updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat using CM 11 Custom ROM. This is also known as CyanogenMod 11. It is based on stock Android and therefore much faster than themed Android version pre-installed on Xperia J. CM 11 can be installed on ST26i and ST26a models of Xperia J.

This CM 11 ROM for Xperia J has been developed by Tamsui team. It has few bugs but these bugs are being addressed by the developers in periodic updates that are being released for this device. If you want to install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on Xperia J ST26i/ST26a, then follow the guide given below. In order to install this custom ROM, bootloader of the device must be unlocked first. Entire method is explained below from scratch.

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Install USB Drivers

Some of the operations given below will require USB drivers to be installed on the computer. It is necessary to establish successful connection between mobile device and computer. Download flashtool from here and install it. Locate the installation folder and open Drivers folder inside it. Execute the drivers installer. Select flashmode, fastboot and Xperia J specific drivers. Finish the installation. After installation is complete, connect the device to complete the drivers installation. It will also show if the drivers installed properly or not.

Install ADB and Fastboot

These tools will be required for both unlocking the bootloader and during the installation of this custom ROM. Fastboot mode is used in almost every Android device. It is used to issue some commands for installation of kernels, recoveries and other things. You can choose between two ADB and Fastboot tools given below. First one is the complete install guide with all the tools while Minimal ADB and Fastboot is a faster and lighter alternative. It can be installed in about 10 seconds and consumes only ~2 MB space. Choose one from below and complete the installation.

ADB and Fastboot Guide for Installation

Minimal ADB and Fastboot Installer

Note: Use Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 or 8.1.

Phone Must Be Updated to latest 4.1.2 Firmware

If users try to install this custom ROM over an older firmware, then it might cause issues like loss of Wifi connectivity. Therefore, users must update their current firmwares. It also shows that you must not install this custom ROM over any other custom ROM, if installed. It should be installed over the stock ROM. A clean install is always better. Visit this guide to root Xperia J.

Root Xperia J (Optional for Making a Backup of TA Partition)

Making a backup of TA partition is pretty important since it contains some important data related to device. If you ever want to regain warranty be relocking the bootloader, then TA partition must be restored after relocking. To do that, phone must be rooted on locked bootloader, to make backup of TA partition. After that, users can move on to unlocking process. Make sure that you save the TA backup files somewhere safe.

Make Backups

Making backups of data is important if you ever want to recover the device to an older state. If above mentioned steps are followed, the phone must be rooted and custom recovery must be installed. To make a backup of all application with data, follow this guide. To make a backup of calls and messages, follow this guide. To make a backup of full ROM, that is the current OS, use this guide. Using a Nandroid backup, a device can be restored to a previous working state. It is a full restore. Other backup options work as porting data from one ROM to another.

As an Xperia user, you must make a backup of TA partition, even if not unlocking the bootloader. Use this guide to make a backup of TA partition on Xperia J.

Unlock Bootloader – VERY IMPORTANT!

The installation of this custom ROM requires unlocked bootloader. It can be unlocked officially. If users try to install this ROM on a locked bootloader, then it will give a lot of errors or might end up bricking the device. Follow the steps given below to unlock the bootloader of Xperia J.

  • Dial *#06# and note down the IMEI code of your device anywhere
  • Now dial  *#*#7378423#*#* and navigate to Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status
  • Now look for Bootloader Unlock Allowed
  • If Bootloader Unlock Allowed: Yes, then you may proceed
  • Now go to this page and accept all legal terms. Then enter your name and E-Mail address where you will receive unlock key from Sony
  •  Now turn off your device completely
  • Start Minimal ADB and Fastboot Installer from Start menu
  • Hold volume up button and plug-in USB cable in mobile’s port. You must have plugged in the USB in computer’s port already!
  • Do not leave the button until you see that LED has turned below
  • Wait for 10 seconds, if colour of LED does not change, then continue
  • (Optional) If LED colour changes and starts charging, then you need to install Fastboot drivers for your smartphones
  • (Optional) To do so, Install Flashtool from Herenavigate to the folder where it is installed, locate drivers folder, run exe file and install Flashtool drivers, Fastboot drivers and Drivers specific for Xperia J
  • Once in fastboot mode, type fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version in Minimal ADB command prompt and press Enter
  • You will get a response, for example 0.006s
  • This is a good sign! Now continue
  • Now type fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY and press Enter. (Replace “KEY” with the unlock key you got from Sony in your Mail)
  • Bootloader will be unlocked in few seconds
  • It will wipe all data on internal SD Card only, so you better make a backup before doing this

It goes without saying that the phone must be charged over 50% to avoid all the interruptions. The phone must not turn off during the installation or it can damage the device.


Remember that all processes like rooting, flashing and manual updating are custom methods. They have no concern with Google or mobile manufacturer. Follow every step carefully to avoid any mishap. Owner of site will not be held responsible in case of any mishap. Do it at your own risk. Rooting and flashing custom ROMs will also void warranty.

Installation Steps

  • Download ROM (Latest) and Gapps (Download the desired package)
  • Put the downloaded files on internal or external memory of the smartphone
  • Now turn off the phone
  • Wait for 5 seconds
  • Extract boot.img from the ROM zip and place it inside the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Installer folder
  • Connect the phone with computer via USB cable, keeping the volume up button pressed
  • This is fastboot mode. Phone must not go to charging mode
  • Once connected, execute Minimal ADB and Fastboot from desktop or Start menu
  • Type “fastboot flash boot boot.img” and press Enter
  • It will flash the kernel in few seconds
  • When you see the finished message, type “fastboot reboot” and press Enter
  • The phone will start booting up
  • Press volume up or down while phone is booting up to enter the custom recovery
  • Tap on Install zip
  • Now navigate to the folder where ROM zip is placed
  • Open that folder and install ROM zip
  • It will be installed in less than 5 minutes
  • In the same way, install Gapps zip
  • Now go to main menu and perform a factory data reset
  • Also wipe cache and dalvik cache
  • Once done, again go to main menu of the recovery and reboot the device
  • First boot will take more that 5 minutes so be patient
  • Once booted up, wait for the new software to settle down
  • That’s all! Enjoy

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