How to Root and Install TWRP in OnePlus One 4.4.4 KitKat 16GB/64GB

OnePlus One is one of the hottest phones available in the market and it popular mainly because of comparatively low price tag. OnePlus One is equipped with Quad Core CPU based on Snapdragon 801 chipset and 3 GB of RAM. It flaunts a 5.5 inches Full HD display panel with 401 pixel density. This phone was launched with Android 4.4.2 KitKat and now it is upgradeable to Android 4.4.4 KitKat. The new update is available for all OnePlus One devices and most of the people have updated their devices already. This rooting and TWRP guide is for both Android 4.4.2 and Android 4.4.4 OnePlus One.

This guide will be composed of three main steps. The SuperSU will be flashed via custom recovery. The custom recovery being used is the TWRP custom recovery. To install the custom recovery, the bootloader of OnePlus One must be unlocked. Unlocking method of this OnePlus One is pretty basic and does not require any special requirements. All of these steps are explained in detail below.

The TWRP custom recovery can be used in more ways than just rooting the device. The most important use is that users can install custom ROMs on OnePlus One using TWRP recovery. Other than that, it can be used to install custom mods which enhance the functionality of the device in unique ways. Rooting allows users to modify any file of the system in any way they want. Therefore, the device can be modified in countless number of creative ways. There are number of applications which can be run only on rooted phones. These applications break the boundaries set in non rooted apps.

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Follow all the steps given below to root OnePlus One 4.4.4 KitKat or 4.4.2 KitKat. First, there are some tools required, which are listed below. This entire method will require computer as well. The rooting part in the end will not require PC. The first two parts will require computer.

Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers

Fastboot mode is used to issue commands to the device without booting into the OS. It can be used to install kernels. If you plan to install custom ROMs and kernels, then fastboot mode will be used a lot. Follow the below given guide to install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on WIndows PC. Use Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

How to Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on Windows PC

OR – Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

This is a basic tool which is used to make the fastboot commands work. Compared to above given tools, it is much smaller in size (~2MB).

Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tools

Install OnePLus One USB Drivers

The USB drivers are essential to connect oneplus one to PC. Otherwise, the PC might not recognize oneplus one while it is connected to PC. The adb of the device must work properly. For OnePlus One, the USB drivers of Samsung work properly. Download these drivers from the below link and install on your PC. After that, connect OnePlus to PC with and without USB Debugging turned on. The PC must install the device and recognize it properly in both conditions.

Download USB Drivers

Make a Backup of Data Stored on Internal Storage, Apps, Contacts

Unlocking the bootloader of OnePlus will wipe all data stored on device. Since this device does not have a SD card slot, so all data is stored in on memory only. It will be wiped when bootloader is unlocked. The files which will be wiped include media files, contacts, messages, logs, apps and any other saved files anywhere. Make a backup of everything you would require later before continuing. Use the following guide to make a backup of messages and contacts and restore then after bootloader is unlocked. For rest of the files, simply copy them to the PC. You can use apps like Helium form Play Store to make a backup of installed applications.

Contacts and Messages Backup Guide

All the installed applications are saved as history in the Play Store. You can install all the application from the Play Store once again.

How to Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus One

  1. Make sure that you have made a backup of everything you need later somewhere else because mobile will be factory reset during the bootloader unlocking
  2. Once done, turn off the mobile completely and wait for five seconds
  3. Now press Volume Up + Power buttons together. Do not leave these buttons until you see the fastboot screen
  4. When the phone’s screen shows “fastboot” text, then it means that you have to leave the buttons
  5. Connect it to PC using data cable
  6. Go inside Fastboot folder or Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder
  7. HOld shift key on keyboard and right-click button on the mouse
  8. Click on “Open COmmand Window Here”
  9. After opening it, type fastboot devices and press Enter
  10. It should show only one device in the list
  11. If there is no ID in the list, then confirm that USB drivers are correctly installed and try again
  12. Now type fastboot oem unlock and press Enter
  13. Execute the on-coming commands and later on the bootloader will be unlocked
  14. Once unlocked, type fastboot reboot and press Enter
  15. The bootloader is unlocked. Move on to next step

HOw to Install TWRP on OnePLus One 4.4.4 KitKat

  1. Open Developer Options. Turn off “Update recovery with system options”
  2. To access hidden developer Options, tap build number seven times and developer options will appear above last question.
  3. Download latest TWRP for OnePLus One from here
  4. Copy this downloaded file to Fastboot folder or OnePlus One folder
  5. For convenience, rename the downloaded file to recovery.img
  6. NOw put OnePlus One into fastboot mode
  7. Again open Command prompt
  8. Type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and press Enter
  9. To restart the phone after completion of recovery installation, type fastboot reboot and press Enter
  10. The device will reboot to homescreen
  11. To enter custom recovery again, press Volume Down + Power buttons together. Don’t leave the buttons until you see the Team Win screen

How to Root OnePlus One 4.4.4 KitKat

  1. Download SuperSU zip file
  2. Copy it to phone
  3. Now reboot into custom recovery
  4. Tap on “Install”
  5. Now navigate to the folder where downloaded SuperSU zip is placed
  6. Tap on it and confirm its installation using slider at the bottom of screen
  7. Once the installation is done, reboot to main menu and restart the device
  8. That’s it! Enjoy

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