How to Set up Apple Pay on iPhone 6 and iPhone plus

Its great to see Apple has released a lot of new features in their latest operating system,Innovation is what keep the companies like Apple alive, Among numerous other updates Apple pay is also a new feature that is introduced by Apple in iOS 8.1.

Apple pay is now available to be used in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, Apple pay allows you to make payments through your iPhone via NFC, Now you can make purchases in stores as well as online using Apple Pay

In the following guide, I will guide you how can you set up Apple Pay and make your payments through it. Apple Pay is built into Passbook and requires a credit card number to make payments.

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How to Set up Apple Pay

Following are the steps that will guide you to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone,that will allow you to make purchases and buy stuff using your iPhone in supported stores of Apple.

  • First of all, Goto Passbook app, and click on the “+” icon at the top right. You will see a screen with options to add passes or Set Up Apple Pay
  • Select “Set Up Apple Pay”
  • Now it will ask you if you want to use the same credit card details you already have on your Apple ID that you use in iTunes. or you want to use some other  credit card.
  • Now if you have selected the option of different card, You will can either enter the number manually or you can input the card number manually, or use iOS 8’s camera card scanner to automatically populate these fields.


  • Once you enter in all the information, you should see a confirmation screen telling you that your card is ready for Apple Pay.
  • You will now see your card in Passbook’s main screen, stacked together with other passes and cards.
    There are a lot of options Apple pay has to offer, you can see them A lot of additional Apple Pay functionality is buried within Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay. Here you can see all the cards you have added, add or change your billing and shipping address as well as your email and phone number.

How to,set up,Apple Pay,iPhone,iPhone plus

  • If you select any card you can see all the details regarding that card, Including transactions, if available, the last four digits of your card number and device account number. You also have a button to open the appropriate bank’s app, and contact the bank.
  • You should note that some banks require additional verification step when you add a card to Apple Pay, It depends upon the bank you are using.

How to,set up,Apple Pay,iPhone,iPhone plus

  • Once you are done with the setup , you can use Apple pay in any of supported store to buy things using iPhone,

Above is the video that shows how can you Setup and use Apple pass, It gives you all the details on how you can make purchases and manage your passbook, Apple pay can prove out to be very convientient in making purchases in known and supported stores of Apple. If this proves out to be sucess you donr need to carry any cash or credit card with you when you go out for shopping, Your iPhone or iPad can help you out as you cash.

If you have used Apple pay or you have any experience with it, Let us know in the comments, if you have any reservations from Apple pay also do tell us.

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