Top iOS 8 AppStore Keyboards

One of the most exciting and commendable feature introduced by Apple in their latest operating system was introducing third-party keyboards in their user interface, Although Apple doesn’t trust other developers when it comes to the basic functions of phone, Like messaging,Dialer and music app, But in iOS 8 Apple has shown flexibility towards third party keyboard developers and allowed their access to the operating system via AppStore

When iOS 8 was announced and its beta version was released some of big and famous keyboards developers started making their apps for iOS and when the official version of iOS 8 was released most of the top iOS 8 Appstore keyboards were released.

Today I will talk about the most famous and Top iOS 8 Appstore keyboards for iPhone and iPad, If you are using iOS from quite sometime now, you must be now tired of the same old UI and you should go for Appstore’s keyboards and give the UI a change.

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Following are the Top iOS 8 Appstore Keyboards for iPhone and iPad:


Swiftkey is the most famous keyboard of Android, Millions of Android users are using it, It is worth a try as its prediction capability is peerless and auto-correction is not annoying, It has very attractive font and the User interface is also great.

SwiftKey allows typing through swiping thats something new for iOS users but its a great feature and worth a try. This app also saves your keystrokes thus making predictions of text better and better with every day, Your typed or wiped words are saved and whenever you use this app again the data is downloaded.

Swiftkey also has an option to learn from your text messages, Sent emails and Notes. Even if you move to new device it will fetch your old typing data.

This is probably the Top iOS 8 Appstore’s Keyboard for iPhone and iPad, Download SwiftKey for free from here.



If you have ever used an Android smartphone, you must be aware of this keyboard, It was originally introduced in Android and after that it became an open source, In this keyboard you can swipe on the letters to write a word, Again a new thing for iOS users, Its prediction capability is good but it doesnot beats Swiftkey in prediction capability when you swipe on the letters.

Now the developers have introduced this keyboard for iOS users as well with the name of Swype for iOS 8

It has good autocorrecting capability and huge number of words that are offered as predictions. It on Number two on our Top iOS 8 Appstore keyboards for iPhone and iPad.

Download Swype from here for $0.99.



This might be a new word for you guys, but this new Keyboard is making its name in the world of third party keyboards,Fleksy was the first keyboard in the appstore on iOS 8, It also has a record of fastest texting on a touch screen phone.

Flesky has a good user interface with colorful themes and attractive design, its response time is very great and its a very light app.

It also offers very good and intelligent predictions. I loved the auto-correct of Fleksy though, Not annoying at all, This app also has a great number of emoticons that can be used in texting.Also give this app a shot on your iPhone or iPad

Download Fleksy for $0.99 from here.



The name says the story this keyboard is great if you have iPhone prior to iPhone 6 as its user interface is has small layout, And it gives the text more space than the keyboard, although it does not makes it difficult to use the small keys, Positive thing about it is that it gives more space to the text for reading, Once ou get used to it, Its easy to interact with tiny Minuum’s  interface.

Best thing about this Keyboard is its accuracy although keys are small still the accuracy is great thats why i Included it in top iOS 8 Appstore Keyboards, In addition to that I also found that its Auto-correct feature is commendable.

Also you can fetch up the alternative keyboard that has big keys and if you want to have the big keys for writing you can fetch the big size keyboard that also allows swiping to enter the word.

Download Minuum for $1.99 from here.

Thats all we have for Top iOS 8 Appstore Keyboards, If you think another Keyboard should be included in this list let us know in the comments.

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