How to get Apple Watch like homescreen on iPhone

Recently Apple released their first Smartwatch Named as Apple Watch, its interface is different from iOS and it has number of new features. Apple watch is great for setting up schdules, maintaining your health and fitness. Apple watch has an attractive design with good battery time. it runs on iOS 8.

The upcoming smartwatch has great features with round ballons like round icons that can be moved around the scree, the interface is very attractive and looks good as its not the same as iOS 8, There is a developer who used the operating system of Apple watch has uploaded the source code that can be accessed on GitHUB. Using that souce code many developers have created look alike interface in different apps, These apps can be downloaded and installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, And it doesnot matter if its jailbroken or not

In this guide below, I will tell you how can you Install Apple watch interface on your iPhone or iPad, And it can also be installed on Un-Jailbreaked devices using Springboard.

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Get Apple Watch Home screen Without Jailbreak

Even if your device is not jailbroken you can also install interface of Apple watch by using a app named as WatchSpringboard on your iOS device that will allow you to have a fully functional Apple Watch home screen on your iPhone or iPod touch. Simply open this link on your iPhone and hit the green download button. Then after the installation is done launch the WatchSpringboard using the home screen icon. Please note this is a demo purposes only and you won’t be able to use or launch your apps through this interface.

Get Apple Watch like home screen on iPhone

If your iPhone is jailbroken, then the task of getting Apple watch is even more easier, All you have to do is to download the .deb file of watchsrping and then install it, After downloading the file, Download a tweak from Cydia named as Open, Install “open” on your iPhone and then open that .dep file using Open app. Now that WatchSpring is installed on your iPhone, You will have Apple watch interface on your iPhone, Also note that iOS 8 or above is required for this tweak to work and this tweak will give you all the options to use like opening app using this interface.The home screen will be fully functional using WatchSpring tweak.

WatchSpring is expected on Cydia soon, As the developers have said. After WatchSpring is in Cydia, It will be easier to download and install this tweak to get Apple watch tweak on your iPhone. As the Watchspring gets into Cydia We will let you know.

If you have any problem regarding download and install of ths tweak on your iOS device,Drop a comment below.


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