WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler to turn off Blue Ticks

We all are aware of WhatsApp new update in which when the message is read the ticker gets blue, Although its should be considered good step as it makes it certain that your message is read, But most of the people didnt like this new feature and they are going hazy over it.

I was grateful when WhatsApp introduced the feature to turn off  ‘Last Seen’  and those who have it turned off would know exactly how comfortable life became all of a sudden. This gave users a good reason to stick to the popular messaging app, but with the Read Receipts feature enabled now, and with no option to turn it off, WhatsApp seems to have fallen in line with the likes of Facebook Messenger.

WhatsApp ReadReceipt Disabler,turn off,Blue Ticks,Whatsapp

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Well for jailbreked iPhones, The solution is out. Bigboss repo has recently released a Cydia tweak called WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler.

This tweak disables the blue ticker feature and when you recieve a message and read it, on the other end the ticker wont get blue, there will be just two grey ticks as before showing the message is ddelivered another good thing about this feature is that you wont stop getting the blue ticks on your iPhone, Whenever someone will read your message ticker on your screen will go blue.

WhatsApp ReadReceipt Disabler,turn off,Blue Ticks,Whatsapp

Best thing about this tweak is that you dont have to configure this tweak all you have to do is to install this tweak on your jailbreaked iPhone and you’re good to go, If your iPhone is not jailbreaked you can jailbreak it using this guide.

This tweak is only available for iOS 8.1 users,Although I havent checked it yet on iOS 7, It might be working on it as well.

If you have any problem regarding installation of this tweak let me know in the comments.

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