How to Re-Enable chat on Facebook App

Facebook is a wonderful social place and you can connect with your friends via Smartphones. Previously Facebook created a standalone messenger app and everyone who wishes to use Facebook original app have to download messenger application. Well there is no doubt that this application is wonderful. Interference and everything about this standalone app is perfect but it was a great loss for some old devices. Surely it was a waste of some MB for them and it also slow down their devices. So they have to use Facebook in a browser or some other app.

The wait is over for some android users who are having these issues. Now Facebook re-enable the chat in official app which means no need to use messenger app anymore. To do so, you need to uninstall Facebook messenger. Now go to Settings > App > Facebook and clear cache. Of course you have to login again and after it’s done, now check if you can chat in its official app. But still if it’s showing nag screen, you have to wait for the update but why wait if you can bypass the messenger app with another brilliant app.

All thanks to XDA senior member Chieti, now we can re-enable the chat option on Facebook original app. It means no need to use its messenger app anymore. It will save lot of battery and RAM on several devices. If you are not keen on chat heads and everything about messenger app, you can now drop app.

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To do so, you need to follow the guide given below:

  1. Uninstall the Facebook Messenger application.
  2. Now download the Facebook Chat Re-Enabler App and install it on your Smartphone.
  3. Now just use your Facebook application, you won’t be forced to install the messenger app anymore.

People ask that what are the benefits of removing an app and installing another to re-enable Facebook chat? The thing is Facebook Chat re-enabler is a wonderful app which requires few KBs and that’s it. It will run on background but it won’t ruin battery life as compared to the messenger application. Anyone with the Android OS 2.2 or even Android 5.0 can run this application.

This is the perfect solution so far and it is working on almost every Smartphone which means it will work for you too. Try it and let us know what you think about this application. If you have any question or issue, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

Source: XDA

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