How to Backup iPhone or iPad on Windows PC

Mostly iTunes automatically backups your device and syncs it with the library whenever you connect it to your PC, But it can be annoying sometime because most of us connect the iPhone to laptop just to charge and the Sync and backup starts which no one wants, Best soulution for it is to turn off the Auto-Sync from preferences and If you ever want to Backup iPhone or iPad using your Windows PC just follow the below easy steps, There are other times as well when you need to create iTunes back up manually, For instance, if you want to make sure you have both local and offsite backups, or if you just want to make sure all your data and purchases, including game saves and ringtones, are absolutely safe, an manual iTunes backup can be not only the fastest way, but the best way, to do it. And as long as you have a Mac or Windows PC and a Lightning cable, it’s also easy.


You should also note that if you make purchases, you can make their backup on iTunes and use them on your every device that is on that Apple ID, And you can also re-download them if you lose them off the device, you can easily sync them back.

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How to manually a create an iTunes backup of your iPhone or iPad

  • Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer if it isn’t already.
  • Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  • Click on your device in the top navigation if you aren’t there already.
  • Under the Backups section click on the Back Up Now button.
  • You may be asked if you’d like to transfer purchases, agree.


Thats it, It was quite easy? isint it. Doing the above steps will help you to create Backup of your Data present in iPhone or iPad and If you want to change your iPhone or buy a newer one you can just connect your iPhone to it and All of your previous data will be restored on your new iPhone, Same goes for music you can make backup of your purchases and restore them on your new device, Making a back up is a good precautionary measure, In case God Forbid you lose your iPhone or iPad, Or it gets stolen atleast you wont lose your data, Or in case you broke its screen and you need to sent it for repair or Warranty.

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